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The Sultan who created history by producing 1000 children

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Sultan who created history by producing 1000 children

Sultan Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif ruled over Morocco from 1672-to 1727 — much longer than any other ruler in Moroccan history.

Ismail who claimed to be descendants of the Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam, inherited the throne at the age of 26 and ruled for 55 years.

However, he is remembered even today for altogether different reasons. One – for being a sex addict. He had four wives and 500 concubines who bore him hundreds of children. Two he was extremely cruel and killed thousands of people– often without any reason.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Ismail produced 1042 children — more than the highest number of offspring fathered by anyone, anywhere in the world — in recorded history! Other sources suggest that Ismaïl perhaps gave birth to more than 1,000 children.

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Dominique Busnot, a French diplomat who frequently traveled to Morocco, is reportedly of the view that the sultan may actually have had 1,171 children. Researchers suggest that this could have only been possible if he had sex more than or at least once a day for 32 years.

Legend has it that Ismail had sex every single day with one of his wives or concubines who lived a life full of luxuries in his harem. However, he was so protective of them that no one else was supposed to even look at them.

Such was the fear that men who even unintentionally happened to come across or pass by women in his harem used to lie down facing the ground, to avoid being accused of looking at them.

Even women in Ismail’s harem were severely punished or put to death at the slightest doubt of adultery. Such women were either strangled by the sultan himself or had their breasts cut off or teeth extracted.

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Ismail’s favorite queen was a black woman called Lalla Aisha Mubarka who started off as a concubine.

As far as his ruthless instincts are concerned, well known to kill people in a fit of rage, he is estimated to have killed more than 30,000 people — often for no reason. This had earned him the nickname “Bloodthirsty”.

Such was his anger that he once ordered one of his own son Al-Alim’s left arm and right leg to be cut off to supposedly send a message that anyone who dared to disobey him or even try to do so will be dealt with firmly. Al-Alim died a painful death due to blood loss.

Ismaïl had an army of more than 150,000 men. Curiously, whenever a tribe lost a war against Ismail’s army, its leader was forced to offer his most beautiful daughter as a gift to the sultan.

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