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Seven Spring unveils a new range of teas

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Seven Spring tea

Teas are a consequential part of our culture and it holds a significant meaning in our society. Happiness is spelt with Tea. Many of us have not had an opportunity to experience exotic tea blends from around the world. That’s why Seven Spring has curated a collection of exceptional teas range with brand new looks that are presented beautifully. 

Seven Spring is the result of rigorous research about different healthy lifestyle products in the market: ancient Vedic herbs, flowers, and shrubs from all over the world. It is a brand that’ll have product lines that are all authentically natural, made with the best ingredients offered by Mother Nature.

The first of the many product lines was Flavoured Green Tea. It was introduced to create value within the tea industry.

Being a green tea enthusiast herself, the Founder Sejal Pravin Purohit decided to come up with this product line which has 13 power-packed blends that give the best health results and tantalize the taste buds. An expert tea taster, with precise insight and backed by her research, every ingredient she has added in her product line is filled with many health benefits and each concoction is one of its kind. The new product line has something to suit every taste palate and aid with almost all sorts of ailments to keep people disease-free and ultimately elated.

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The brand is all set to introduce more exclusive concoctions with more viable options like tea bags and a range of gift sets. Seven Spring has developed a second range by keeping different segments in mind like Men’s Health Tea, Women’s Health Tea, Particular Disease Tea, Some lifestyle Tea, Mood Lifting Tea to name a few.

The new package design features clean, colourful lines and enticing ingredient illustrations, making it easier for shoppers to quickly find their favourite flavour by colour, illustration or by glancing at the label to ease consumers into the seemingly unapproachable world of tea.

On this occasion Sejal Pravin Purohit – Founder of Seven Spring said, “Great Products sell themselves and we are on the same path. Our customers are our heroes and we want our products to become a part of their environment and lifestyle.”

Here are a few of the exciting Seven Spring teas that are ready to be discovered:

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Black Currant and Hibiscus Tea

Enjoy the sweet and intense taste of Black Currant, Hibiscus, Ginger, Fennel & Nilgiri Green Tea

Blue pea Ginger Fennel Tea

Experience tranquillity with Blue Pea, Ginger, Fennel, Bay Leaf & Nilgiri Green Tea

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Cranberry Nutmeg Rosemary Tea

Feel strong from within with Cranberry, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, English Breakfast Tea & Rosemary

Tulsi Turmeric Tea

Enjoy the golden kiss of good health with the wholesome blend of turmeric, tulsi, ginger, cinnamon and Nilgiri green tea

Mango, Musli, Peppermint Tea

Relish the refreshing taste of Mango, Fennel and Peppermint with the healing properties of green tea and muesli 

Yerba Mate Tea

Savour the strong, earthy, bittersweet and smoky flavour of traditional South American Yerba Mate

Moroccan Mint Tea

Feel alive and blissful with the traditional blend of Green Tea and Spearmint in our Moroccan Mint tea

Marigold Clove Green Tea

A delectable combination of Marigold, Ginger, Clove, Muesli and Nilgiri Green Tea to soothe your senses

Gunpowder Green Tea

Savour the smoky flavour of Gunpowder tea sourced from the finest tea estates and processed with painstaking perfection

Ensuring accessibility for all its consumers, Seven Spring has maintained a price range from Rs. 599 to Rs. 799 of Teabags flavours and the loose leaves starts from Rs. 599 and goes to Rs. 999. These treasures with rich malty undertones make the perfect cup to refresh and revitalize with, any time of the day.

Seven Spring brings concoctions to you which are intrinsically prepared and each selection is a result of resolute artistic ardency. It believes in utilizing only rich, fresh and pure ingredients to create ‘perfection’. The new exclusive tea range by the brand is one of a kind selection of teas with innovations. They are a perfect blend of traditional tea brewing with exotic contemporary versions in tea bags. They surely have a modern touch but the essence of traditional tea isn’t lost.

The ability of the human body to heal itself is one of its most amazing features. In the modern unhealthy lifestyle, Natural herbs aid in the healing process, revitalize the body and have the ability to extirpate any problem from its source, leading us to a healthy life.

In the contemporary world, we have all forgotten the power of nature and stopped following the rich and diverse Vedic treasure of healing. With the passion and vision of reviving ancient goodness and instil the purity of nature into our lives, we have created seven springs. A range of products made with natural ingredients and the invaluable knowledge of ancient India. 

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