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Aastha Fertility Center – best IVF treatment in Udaipur

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Aastha Fertility Center - best IVF treatment in Udaipur

Are you trying to conceive a baby for more than one year and still are unsuccessful? And now you are thinking of getting help in conceiving through IVF technology. IVF is the most chosen treatment for fertility issues, and more than 1,000 couples undergo this treatment in Udaipur itself.

So, if you are looking for a leading IVF Center in Udaipur, contact Aastha Fertility Care.

Many people from other parts of the state are also shifting and seeking IVF treatment in Udaipur because of the affordable living and good fertility clinics. The success rate of IVF in Udaipur is more than the country’s average rate. If you want to know how to prepare for IVF and why to choose Aastha Fertility Care, read this blog further.

How to prepare for IVF in Udaipur?

Just like the IVF process, preparing for the IVF treatment requires a lot of changes in your health, routine, food habits, and activities. Therefore, before starting the treatment, most professional doctors always give you a time of 2-3 months to prepare your body for conceiving a child. And not just females; they also give a tip to increase the health of sperm count and quality. So here are some things to consider before starting an IVF treatment.

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Take necessary prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are important for all pregnant women but especially important for women undergoing IVF. Prenatal vitamins can help ensure you get the nutrients you need to support a healthy pregnancy. You should start taking vitamins at least 2 months before the treatment starts.

Control caffeine and alcohol intake

Caffeine and alcohol affect the quality of sperm and eggs, and excessive amounts of both can make conceiving hard. Therefore, try to avoid both if you are trying to conceive naturally or with treatment.

Eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight

A healthy BMI level can increase your chances of conceiving, while an unhealthy BMI can lead to miscarriage or no outcome of IVF. Therefore, when conceding naturally or through IVF treatment, start eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight to make your body fit for conceiving a child. You can add leafy vegetables and lots of fruits to your diet.

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Exercise for a healthy body

Taking out at least 30 minutes for your body is necessary while undergoing an IVF treatment. It’s important for both male and female fertility as the quality of sperm is as important as egg retrieval. Remember, you can walk, run, cycle, or go to a gym for better health. In Udaipur, people do not walk much because of the availability of cheap transport.

Manage your stress level

When you cannot conceive a child and opt for an IVF treatment, you naturally come under the pressure of budget and treatment. Therefore, it’s important, especially for females, to control their stress by doing activities they like, meditation, etc.

Aastha Fertility – the best IVF treatment centre in Udaipur

Suppose you are planning to get IVF treatment in Udaipur. In that case, consider going to Aastha Fertility Care, which provides advanced medical treatments and has a team of experienced and qualified staff to provide the utmost comfort to their patients. These are some of the reason which makes Aastha Fertility Care one of the best clinics for IVF treatment in Udaipur.

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High lab and infrastructure standards

They follow the highest laboratory standards and infrastructure, making their process and condition of embryos and other equipment in their best condition. From using eye and face masks to disposal and disinfecting equipment, they ensure a high success rate of IVF treatment.

Affordable and transparent pricing

Astha Fertility Care understands how much pain a couple and family takes to ensure they get the best treatment in their budget. Therefore, they tell you every pricing and the process beforehand so that you don’t have to take stress while undergoing the treatment. Also, they take care of the chances of multiple pregnancies so that women stay healthy and ensure the success of IVF treatment.

Confidential information and reports

Udaipur is a small city where people know each other, and still, because of society, getting an IVF treatment done in India is considered a big deal. But Aastha Fertility Care ensures all your information and reports stay safe and confidential.

Advanced treatments and technology

Astha Fertility Care uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure that the treatment meets the needed quality. That’s why the success rates of IVF treatment at Aastha Fertility Care are more than any other fertility clinic in Udaipur. Besides, they provide other treatments like ICSI, IUI, cryopreservation, pre-implantation genetic disorder, frozen embryo transfer, tube reversal, etc.


Now you know why you trust Aastha Fertility Care in Udaipur for your infertility issues. From experienced doctors to quality staff, well-equipped infrastructure to IVF laboratories, they have everything a clinic needs to increase their chances of success during an IVF treatment.

Also, remember that if you are planning an IVF treatment, avoid planning outstation trips or any major event you might have to cancel later. Don’t stress and contact Aastha Fertility Care and bring home a healthy baby.

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