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Rahul Gandhi – Not fair or lovely

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Being witty and comical may sound funny but ultimately has a heavy price-tag attached. Who understands it better than congress vice president Rahul Gandhi who unleashed a series of jibes against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government in a debate in the Lok Sabha and got embroiled in an avoidable controversy.

Starting off with a taunt on the deal allowing investors to declare illicit money within a stipulated period of time, Rahul called it a ‘Fair and Lovely Yojana’. “They launched a Fair and Lovely Yojana, to convert black money to white money,” the Amethi MP said in the Lok Sabha.

Once again while launching his party’s election campaign in Assam Rahul accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of helping ‘thieves’ with his ‘fair and lovely scheme’.

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The Prime Minister on his part was very dignified and refused to comment on the personal attacks The counter-attack came from the Madhya Pradesh BJP Spokesperson Vijendra Singh Sekhavat. He strongly opposed the use of the terminology ‘fair and lovely both in the Lok Sabha and outside, in full view and hearing of the national and international media – print, radio and TV.

Imagine the benefit to a loss-making a company like fair and lovely, which for no rhyme or reason gets into limelight internationally.

In a country like India with over 125 crores even if we assume that a company spends Rs 1 per person an amount of Rs 100 crore is spent by the company on advertising and marketing a product he alleges.

In a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Sishodia has alleged that because of intense competition in the market fair and lovely needed to aggressively make its presence felt.

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It is my confirmed belief that Rahul Gandhi has earned at least Rs 100 Crores which is deplorable and condemnable.

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