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Politics is not family estate management

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The Gandhi family may have by now realized that Indian politics is not family estate management. But the realization may have come too late as their game cost the party a heavy price of loss of a state. Navjot  Singh Siddhu exposed the game by his resignation as the state party chief without exposing the forces that instigated him to revolt against Chief Minister Amrinder Singh. He is a politician with his hand holding all clues to win back the state in the next state poll due in few months.

He was best suited to exploit the sharp division of two partners in a coalition that had ruled the state for three terms. Yet Amrinder Singh had defeated them to bring back his Congress to rule the state.

He was a capable politician but his fault was in not accepting the domination of the Gandhi family. He rarely visited the family head in five years and imposed his selection of candidates to cause annoyance in the family.

With the sharp division in the coalition partners over the uprising in rural and farming populations over three new agriculture laws enacted by the NaMo government last October, the Akali Dal was not left with no option but to disassociate from the coalition to retain its vote base mostly in the farming community. The partner BJP had its vote base only in urban areas. The only formidable opponent was the Aap but its reach was limited to only urban seats.

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Siddhu was instigated to revolt with a demand for the post of deputy chief minister. It also meant he recognized only Amrinder Singh was capable of bringing back the party to power. He was given a hearing by Rahul Gandhi and Prianka while the party chief sent three men to investigate causes of discontent in the state unit. Amrinder was left with no option but to resign and seek a new alliance partner. He did not seek a place with the AAP as it had already baited Navjot Siddhu.

Amrinder Singh meeting the home minister Amit Shah let out his thinking of combining his rural base with the urban base. His replacement chief minister a Dalit first time ever could not manage either Siddhu left out of the ministry nor can he manage the hurt pride of the Sikh population at the imposition of a Dalit chief minister. The Gandhi family thought perhaps it can win due to wide differences between two former allies by its designs. Navjot Siddhu gave the family a rude shock by resigning and again revolting over ignoring him. Thus the Gandhi family invited ignominy of yet another loss. Its repercussions in the 2024 elections would be seen in the final outcome. That may prove to be a final jolt and rumblings are already begun in the party. The rumblings may soon result in a demand to end the Gandhi family rule.

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Vijay Sanghvi
Vijay Sanghvi
Political Commentator and Analyst Vijay Sanghvi, 81 has created a niche for himself as a seasoned media person with proven credentials and political, economic and social analyst since 1962. Sanghvi worked for five years in Mumbai for Gujarati papers before shifting to Delhi and continued to work for various dailies in Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi and English as well as for international media. He has many newsbreaks to his credit as well as inside view of many epoch making events. He covered parliamentary proceedings from 1967 till 2007.


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