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Job vacancies after Higher Secondary

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In a world full of competitions and job vacancies, people usually think that there is no career after Higher Secondary. A commonly held belief is that there is no job for those who for whatever reason haven’t completed their higher secondary. These thoughts affect the mind of people. Being a graduate is also a matter of pride because people think that a Higher Secondary degree can do nothing.

Well, even after passing the Higher Secondary exam you can get placed in the public sector. There are various private and government jobs such as SSC CHSL which are available after successful completion of higher secondary. In this article, we will discuss some of those jobs and the requirements besides XII or higher secondary. These jobs pay just enough for a basic standard of living but for a higher lifestyle, one should complete graduation and higher studies.

Government Exams after Higher Secondary

Lower Divisional Clerk/ Junior Secretariat Assistant

These are Level 2 positions in any government department/ministries. A Lower Divisional Clerk (LDC) is basically the lowest designation. An LDC needs to be ready to perform whatever tasks are assigned to them like filing, mailing, or any other task assigned by the seniors. This job profile of an LDC involves data entry, indexing, registering and maintaining records. They also need to have a good typing speed and command over the language as they have to type the letters, notices, and other official documents. They have to understand the need of the hour and work accordingly with perfection in whatever they are doing. This job also involves making the Salary Slips of the staff members. The LDC has three levels of promotion which includes Assistant / Upper Division Clerk, Division Clerk and Section Officer.

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Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant

The job of the Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant is to check and sort out the archives and records. They hold the same rank hence the same work responsibilities. The postal employees of the government need to be proficient in the language as they are required to dispose of the mails, as well as maintain data and record. They should have a problem-solving attitude in order to resolve and handle customer queries. The post offices deal with the transmission of intra-city mails as well as foreign posts and parcels. The Postal and Sorting Assistants are posted in various postal departments such as Army Post Office, Circle Office & Regional Office, Mail Motor, Foreign Post Offices, and Railway Mail Services. They can be promoted thrice and pay scale changes accordingly.

Data Entry Operator

Well, people find data entry jobs to be very lame but to be very honest without data entry no other profiles can work. The Data Entry Operator has to work efficiently managing all the data and saving it correctly in the database meeting the deadline. Entering data is not easy and involves a great responsibility for maintaining an error-free record. The record could be anything but to be very honest things must be in order to find back and keeping it in an organized way is what this profile demands.

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RRB Group D Jobs

Vacancy of RRB Group D jobs is done by Railway Recruitment Cells. There are various jobs in different fields like Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Electrical, Telecom, and many other fields. In these fields Assistant Workshop, Operations, Pointsman, Signal & Telecom, Track Machine, etc. RRC is the biggest recruiter of India and it is focusing on expanding its forces. These jobs are well paid and it is a golden opportunity to achieve a stable and well-paid career in Indian Railway.  Promotions are done as per commitment and hence there is a strong chance of you to end up on a higher paid and respected profile than the profile you initially started with.

There are many other exams that you can definitely opt for and with complete focus; you may reach the higher goals of your life. Confidence and dedication make the perfect combination for anyone to achieve success. Push yourself and complete your goals as no one is going to do it for you. Whatever you left in between can be only completed by you. Complete the circle of your career not just doing odd jobs to survive but to also live a fruitful life.

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