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Frequent sex reduces lifespan: BJP MP

Is frequent sex among married couple, bad for their health and longevity? Recent medical researches have suggested having regular sex can make you feel closer to your partner but the BJP MP from Bhopal does not think so.

Shahi Imam has no relevance today

Hereditary imamat is un-Islamic. Shahi Imam means Imam of the emperor. It is not relevant today. All an imam does is to lead the prayer. Imamhood is not a license for power plays or monopoly of one family. It should be possible to remove Imams who bring a bad name to the community.

Are we waiting for yet another intrusion to wake up on coastal security?

Less than two months ago al-Qaida unsuccessfully tried to hijack two Pakistani frigates PNS Aslat and PNS Zulfikar. Ostensibly its aim was to use them against Indian ships. All this should have been enough reason for the Indian government agencies responsible for coastal security to be on their toes. They aren’t.

Modi’s priority no 1: inner party discipline within the BJP

Guess what might happen when a bunch of unruly school boys are suddenly appointed to manage the affairs and maintain discipline and decorum in the school affairs. This is exactly what is happening in the BJP.

Post Office for sending letters to God Ayyappa

A unique post office near the famed Hindu temple at the Sabarimala hills allows you to post letters to God. It is used by people to post invitation cards for weddings and shop openings, seeking divine blessings from Lord Ayyappa

Added sugar in processed foods – recipe for disaster

Sugar sweetened beverages are responsible for nearly 1,80,000 deaths every year. High fructose corn syrup which is the most frequently used sweetener in processed foods, particularly fruit-flavoured and fizzy drinks.

‘Hand-washing is important, even the PM says so’- Kajol

In a country where many children die of preventable diseases, film actress-wife-mother Kajol Devgan has found a new mission in life. She is supporting Lifebuoy’s ‘Help a Child Reach 5’ campaign. All over the world one child die from diarrhea or pneumonia every 15 seconds - that’s two million children each year. Hand washing with soap can reduce diarrhea by 45% and pneumonia by 23%, in India where over 6 lakh children under 5 die each year due to diarrhoea and pneumonia.

Who betrayed the Mahatma?

Was there a British angle in Mahatma's assassination? Another indication of a British hand in the plot was Apte’s refusal, at the height of the Great Depression, of a full-time job in the Royal Indian Air Force.The most likely explanation is that he was probably already occupied -- as a British agent. Maharashtra ATS Chief Hemant Karkare’s investigation into that nexus was cut short when he was killed in the September 2008 attack on Mumbai, giving rise to a widespread belief that the attack was primarily aimed at eliminating him.

Aroma Mission: Meghalaya’s new initiatives in the field of Aromatic Plants

Meghalaya's Aroma Mission is a success. Aroma Mission has achieved a production output of 4 metric tons, contributing to the state's aromatic plant industry

Digital personal data protection Act, 2023 for combating money laundering

The Data Protection Authority of India is responsible for enforcing the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, of 2023, to safeguard individual privacy in India.

Drug addicts in Kashmir don’t deserve any sympathy

There have been articles in the media promoting sympathy for the drug addicts in Kashmir. There is no reason for special treatment to Kashmiri drug addicts

Mission Chandrayaan-3 – India’s successful soft landing on the Moon

Chandrayaan-3 has chosen the South Pole of the Moon since it is suitable for finding water. ISRO is now planning a joint mission with Japan in the near future
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