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Even English teachers flunked the English language test in Punjab

Many English school teachers in Punjab flunked the English language test. It is hardly a surprise that 80,000 out of the 3.5 lakh Class 10 students in the state failed in English.

‘Practically School Solution’, a free app for schools and teachers

The app enables its users to benefit through experiential learning using immersive videos, interactive augmented reality, and 3D simulations helping teachers connect and engage with students as they would in a real classroom.

No smartphones in class– we are French!!

In a move to combat classroom distraction and “detox” youngsters -- French government has passed a new law to ensure that the phone-addicted children either do not carry their mobile devices to school or keep them stored in safe boxes during school hours.

Beat the exam stress: study smart

Stress free learning or study is an art that requires proper discipline and memory-enhancing techniques to study better in a relaxed manner. It is simpler than it seems. Studies can be as fun and extremely easy.

Will Kejriwal be able to eradicate corruption in private educational institutes

Ideally, even children from socially and economically backward families should be in a position to compete with students from private schools. It is easier and populist to shift the entire blame on the rich and well-to-do families rather than finding a solution to empower the children from poor and backward families so that they too can enjoy the fruits of development.

Delhi government to install jammers at exam centres

By Gaurav Sharma The AAP government has decided to install jammers to prevent cheating with the help of high-tech electronic gadgets in examinations held for...

Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad and IIPM among 21 unrecognised and fake Universities

According to the University Grants Commission (UGC) at least 21 fake and unrecognized Universities are functioning in different parts of the country. The list of such Universities available at the UGC website includes names like Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM), Qutub Enclave, Phase-II, New Delhi

Indian Education System: nuts, screws and bolts—1

The British regime devised the education system only to meet its needs of its lower administrative strata. The academic calendar was devised to meet climate changes witnessed by the British. Long holidays were scheduled from May to July which left a majority of Indian children roaming around bare foot in hot afternoons when the British shifted to hill stations to avoid hot summers in plains.

Indian Education System: nuts, screws and bolts—2

A must read case study taught in almost all journalism classes is how a newspaper sub-editor was sacked for showing too much creativity. The sub-editor’s fault was that he insensitively headlined a story on a mad man escaping after raping a woman -- as “Nut screws and bolts”. This is the case with the Indian Education System where creativity and out-of-the-box ideas are dismissed disdainfully.

Indian Education System: nuts, screws and bolts—3

Indira Gandhi also introduced reforms and turned schooling to 14 years and graduation course to three years but nothing was done to improve quality of education in public sector. A number of surveys indicated that the system did not achieve even the primary objective of providing an ability to students to read and write until the middle school levels.

Three PMs and the struggles they underwent to reach schools

On the Labour Day, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed the pathetic picture of merely 3 lakh apprentices in India as against 20 million in China, 90 per cent in Japan and three million in tiny population of Germany.

Innovative approach & technology has transformed DPS Surat

Students, parents and teachers at DPS Surat are united in support of mobile learning and the confidence it inspires in school.Teachers began using the iLife suite, Final Cut Pro and Aperture to develop and edit impressive multimedia content for their own classwork

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