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The Muslim who speaks sanskrit, worships Quran and loves Geeta

Meet Pandit Gulam Dastagir, a Muslim that too Syedvanshi' a direct descendant of Prophet Mohammed who chants the Namaaz and Namoh Namah in the same breath. A man who seriously believes that Islam and Hinduism are two sides of the same coin, he has done more to publicise Sanskrit than any brahmin.

MyCaptain to launch Social Media Management course

MyCaptain is a platform that transforms passion into a career, with mentorship from 200 plus professionals who have made a mark in their respective fields, in the most exciting way possible.

First female to be 29th president of a 152-year-old university

Life has really been a roller coaster ride for Colleen N. Hanycz. Till recently she was head of the only all-women college in Canada. She would now be the first female President of an all-male college's 152-year history.

iPad brings the outside world into the IMD classroom

The full potential of the iPad in business learning is nearly limitless. We are still in the discovery phase. Business schools need to be at the forefront of innovation. Smart use of the iPad is certainly one way to achieve this.

‘Quality Education can change people’s lives’ – Simrita Dhillon

Simrita Dhillon has advised 20+ Global Fashion, Beauty & Fragrance Brands. Excerpts from a free-flowing interview on the life and times of Simrita Dhillon

Reservation – a boon or bane?

The irony of the reservation system is that while a student with 90 percent marks in unable to get in, a student with 45 percent gets admission. Even normally non-violent people resort to violence when they get denied their right. Gandhian non-violence was also a violent instrument of moral force. It did not bleed enemy. But everyone cannot be Gandhi.

Will the Union Budget 2021 promote quality education?

Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ believes that the Union Budget 2021-22 presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will go a long way to bring transparency and promote quality education.

Job vacancies after Higher Secondary

A commonly held belief is that there is no job for those who for whatever reason haven’t completed their higher secondary. This is not so

Three things to keep in mind for MAT

MAT is a test of the candidate’s speed of picking the right questions and solving them. The MAT exam consists of 200 questions, to be attempted in 150 minutes. The 3 fundamental things to be kept in mind for success in the MAT exam are time management, selecting the appropriate section to be attempted and selecting the right questions.

BYJU’S acquires WhiteHat Jr to add coding as a new skill

BYJU’S has witnessed phenomenal growth. The app creates personalized learning programs for individual students based on their proficiency levels and capabilities which help them learn at their own pace and style.

Loopholes in Delhi nursery admissions

Delhi police recently busted an admission racket that facilitated at least 300 admissions in private schools in the city on the basis of forged documents to obtain admission under the EWS quota over the last two years. The gang was charging anything between Rs. One to Five lakh for admissions, depending on the school and economic background of the parents.

Nalanda varsity: global tender for new 446 acres campus at Rajgir

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen the first chancellor of the university, resigned earlier this year, saying the NDA government wanted him out. Former Singapore foreign minister George Yeo has been named the new chancellor.

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