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Black money & Corruption: Who is to blame? — 3

The practice of stamping passport of workers as immigration needs continued till the Vajpayee government took over. Sahib Singh Verma, labour minister gave me patient hearing to scrap the need as useless appendage that had led to rampant corruption.

Black money & Corruption: Who is to blame? — 2

Corruption was again used as a major political weapon in the 2014 elections after an unknown American agency leaked out reports of enormous sum of rupees six lakh crore stacked outside India.

Budget — drive towards a dynamic economy ?

The Prime Minister has been emphasizing to accelerate industrialization by bringing in foreign capital with technologies and production units to India for it is accepted fact that no agriculture based economy has grown at faster pace.

10 ways credit card companies could cheat you?

Credit card companies come up with seemingly attractive offers and high reward points for purchases to entice the consumers to land up with bills for hefty and unnecessary purchases.

How credit card companies cheat customers?

A large number of credit card consumers have complained to different consumer forum against aggressive marketing, excess billing, mis-commitment and false promises by credit card companies. The terms and conditions mentioned in the credit card application form are grossly unfair, unilateral and against the rights of the credit card holders.

Microsoft more influential gaming brand than Sony: Study

Microsoft leads over Sony by a fair bit (though it is important to note that PlayStation has its own discrete category, which when combined with Sony, would gain a healthy lead over Microsoft- Xbox has no such distinct category). Amusingly enough, Oculus seems to be more influential than either of those.

The man who got promoted for ruining MMTC

A CEO of a loss-making private company may be shown the door, but it seems the same rules do not apply to Teflon coated Indian bureaucrats heading public sector corporations.

IP-COM expands its footprints in Indian Market

IP-COM’s core business concept is to coordinate and acquire customers for building up high-speed, secure, low maintenance, cost effective Wi-Fi network. IP-COM will use Redington’s wide reach to sell the complete range of networking and products across India.

I’d rather be ahead of time than be outdated: Filmmaker Meghna Gulzar

"It's not the intent of making films on real events which is scandalous, it is when the incident itself is scandalous that the film becomes scandalous."

India has forex reserves to stabilise currency volatility: RBI

Reserve Bank's measures to restore sustainable growth is that we are building the necessary institutions," Rajan said.

Assam’s brass industry on the verge of closure

The brass industry is in a bad shape. The villagers, mostly Bengalis, collect brass scrap from nearby markets, smelt it in coal-fired ovens and make attractive items by hand.

Banks to evolve early warning system to identify risky loans

The SBI has tied up with the BPOs for making pro-active calls to stressed accounts in retail and real estate segment of Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) centre branches.

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