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6 out of 10 Indian shoppers have downloaded streaming video apps: CRITEO report

According to a survey by Criteo, people have started looking for new ways of entertaining themselves. The report highlights a change in online shopping trends as well. About 45% of respondents downloaded a new retail shopping app and 4 out of 10 respondents downloaded new apps for grocery/alcohol/food delivery.

New innovations by fin-techs to overcome lockdown

As the economy shifts from "respond" to "recoup", it has created new avenues for fin-techs to come up with new products, acquisition, technologies and initiatives to help ease customer’s woes and contribute towards building a stronger economy.

Fitch Ratings: Indian Banks may face intense pressure

Indian banks have struggled with poor recoveries for a long time. There is a risk that banks may now extend credit to even structurally weak borrowers with dimmer recovery prospects, due to a one-year moratorium on registering fresh insolvencies amid weaker future incomes.

The Finance Ministers and their dream budgets

What made 10 Prime Ministers - including the first Prime Minister of India, and the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, step into the Finance Minister’s shoes to present the annual budget in the parliament remains a mystery?

Food safety mitras will spearhead the ‘Eat right India movement’

Soon a new group of trained Food Safety Mitra (FSMs) – will change the shape of things to come – under the ‘Eat right India’ movement. The ‘Eat right India’ movement an innovative concept mooted by the country’s food regulator FSSAI - seeks to help small and medium food businesses comply with the safety laws -- by facilitating licensing and registration, hygiene ratings and training.

Cook Right – A step closer to a Trans Fat Free world!!

FSSAI is constantly making efforts to educate consumers to reduce the consumption of salt, sugar and fat in their diet as a part of the ‘Eat Right India’ movement

Virat Kohli defends eco-friendly f&b packaging

The Food Authority has started a consumer awareness campaign “Eat Right India for Sustainable Living” as a call to action for plastic waste management and reduction of plastic footprint in the F&B industry.

FSSAI launches food testing lab at Ghaziabad

FSSAI has made strategic and smart investments in outreach activities to engage and empower citizens. The DART Book and the Food Safety Magic Box have been developed to enable citizens to test common food adulterants at home and in school laboratories respectively. These are being converted into short videos for mass dissemination.

Cadbury ‘Purple Heart’ v/s Cyber Bullying

Cadbury as a brand, believes that even if there’s one thing that can shine a beam of light through the cracks in an increasingly divided world – is Generosity. A little bit of generosity can go a long way and often it’s the smallest things that have the biggest impact.

RBI to issue new Rs 20 notes soon

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is soon going to issue new currency notes valued Rs 20 bearing the signature of the 25th RBI governor Shaktikanta Das. Unlike the old orange-colored Rs 20 notes as part of the Mahatma Gandhi Series, launched in Aug 2001, the new note will have a motif of Ellora caves on its back portraying India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

RBI cracks whip over high-risk NBFCs under money laundering act

Reserve Bank of India RBI, has cancelled the Certificate of Registration and blacklisted a number of non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) flouting all norms under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

Coal Mining in Australia: Prospects for India

Coal is Australia‘s biggest export commodity. Australia accounts for 34 % of the world's black coal. Almost 75% of Australian black coal is exported. Australia has one of the largest coal reserves - almost 10% of the world total.

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