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Benefits of choosing the best LVL beam for your project

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LVL beams

Engineered wood products have many advantages over traditional wood products, including increased strength, resistance to checking and cracking and greater dimensional stability, etc. Among engineered wood products, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams are especially well suited for heavy load-bearing applications in residential and commercial construction. Here are some of the advantages that LVL beams offer over traditional wood beams.

Why You Should Choose LVL Beams?

1. Great Strength and Stability

One of the most important reasons to install an LVL beam is for strength and stability. Unlike other lumbers on the market, LVL beams are designed to withstand significant loads without twisting, bowing, or otherwise becoming deformed. This is thanks to their cross-laminated construction; by bonding multiple layers of wood together in opposite directions, LVL beams are incredibly resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, making them ideal for use in any climate.

2. Versatility

Another great advantage of LVL beams is their versatility. LVL beams can be used in a wide variety of applications, both structural and decorative. From support beams and trusses to decking and flooring, there’s virtually no limit to what you can do with them. And because they come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, you can easily find an LVL beam that’s perfect for your needs.

3. Aesthetics

In addition to being strong and versatile, LVL beams also offer a sleek, modern look that can’t be beaten. Whether you’re creating a rustic retreat or a minimalist masterpiece, LVL beams will help you achieve the aesthetic you’re going for. Their clean lines and uniform appearance lend themselves well to both traditional and contemporary designs alike.

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4. Lighter

Another advantage of LVL beams is their weight. LVL beams are significantly lighter than solid wood beams, which makes them much easier to work with during construction. This also means that less foundation is required to support an LVL beam than a solid wood beam of the same size. This can save you time and money during construction.

5. Resistance to Cracking

Another advantage of LVL beams is that they are more resistant to cracking than traditional wood beams. This is because the multiple layers of wood veneers in an LVL beam are bonded together with strong adhesives. As a result, the beam is less likely to warp or twist, which can lead to cracking or splitting.

6. Easy to Work with

LVL beams are easy to work with. They can be cut, drilled, and nailed just like solid lumber beams. This makes them much easier to work with than other types of engineered wood products, such as I-joists or trusses.


If you’re looking for a strong, durable, and easy-to-work-with beam for your next construction project, then look no further than an LVL beam. These benefits make LVL beams the ideal choice for a wide variety of construction applications. So when it’s time to start your next project, be sure to consider using LVL beams. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

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