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True Frog – the Indian origin vegan brand

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True Frog is a leading Indian-origin personal care brand that advocates beauty with integrity with its non-toxic, vegan, harmful chemical-free & CG-friendly products. The deep conditioning mask intensely hydrates and restores the thirstiest, most over-processed hair, from root to top.

Packed with natural ingredients and with extracts of vinegar, apple, lemon, Tucuma Butter, Quinoa protein, beetroot, and chia seed it is formulated to hydrate, restructure and transform hair in distress.

Suitable for damaged, dull, frizzy, dry hair, the mask rebalances, intensely hydrates, and makes it up to one’s hair for all the love that it has been missing.

True Frog do not add Sulphates, Parabens, Silicones, or any other harmful chemicals and ensure that their products are environmentally friendly and have allergen-free fragrances.

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True Frog products are created without harmful elements and are designed to be efficient, environment-friendly, and truly beneficial for your hair and skincare goals. Since all the ingredients used in the making of True Frog products are listed clearly on the label, you can make the best choice for yourself without compromising on any front.

True Frog products reflect the health, beauty, and diversity of those who use them. True to its name, the brand refrains from the usage of any harmful elements and is focused on efficacy without compromising on integrity.

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