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10 fun and easy box crafts for kids

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There’s something so satisfying about crafting with a box. Maybe it’s the fact that you can let your imagination run wild, or perhaps it’s because you can upcycle something that would otherwise end up in the recycle bin. Whatever the reason, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite box crafts for kids. So grab some glue, paint, and scissors, and let’s get started!

10 Great Ideas to Reuse the Boxes for Crafting

1. Cardboard House

This one is perfect for pretend play! Just cut out some door and window openings, decorate the outside however you like, and voila! You’ve got a beautiful cardboard house.

2. Marble Run

A classic! All you need is a few cardboard tubes and some marbles, and your little ones will be entertained for hours. Just be sure to supervise them closely, as marbles can be a choking hazard.

3. Racecar

Turn an old shoe box into a racecar with just a few simple supplies. All you need is some paint, construction paper, and a few other household items to create this fun toy.

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4. Rocket Ship

Blast off into outer space with this fun rocket ship craft. Grab some cardboard tubes, paint, and construction paper, and let your little ones’ imaginations run wild.

5. Dollhouse

Every little girl needs a dollhouse, and this one made from recycled materials is perfect. Just grab an old shoe box and start decorating! Furniture can be made from cardboard or recycled materials like paper rolls or egg cartons.

6. Pirate Ship

Arrrr matey! This pirate ship is perfect for imaginative play. Just grab an old cereal box, some construction paper, and some markers or paint, and you’re good to go.

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7. Castle

Every princess needs a castle, right? This one made from a recycled cardboard box is perfect for pretend play. Just cut out some windows and doors, decorate the outside however you like, and voila! You’ve got a beautiful cardboard castle.

8. Circus Tent

The circus is in town! This fun circus tent can be made from an old diaper box or any other large cardboard box you have on hand. Just add some colourful construction paper or fabric to the outside, and don’t forget to cut out Some windows and doors so your little ones can peek inside!

9. Cave game

Dip an old shoe box in black paint to create this fun “cave” for small toys or action figures. You could also use construction paper to make rocks on the inside of the cave if you wanted to get really creative!

10. Butterfly House

Now, this is one butterfly house that won’t take up space in your yard! All you need is an empty metal box or tissue box (or any other small cardboard box), some craft supplies, and voila! You’ve got a beautiful butterfly house perfect for pretend playtime or even just displaying pretty flowers or trinkets inside.  

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That’s it for our list of 10 easy box crafts for kids! You can make full use of your cardboard boxes and metal boxes to try them at home. We hope you enjoyed these projects and that they inspired you to get creative with all those leftover boxes which are taking up space in your recycling bin.

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