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Why do men lie (more than women)?

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Both men and women lie but more men are likely to get caught at it
Both men and women lie but more men are likely to get caught at it

Lying can look simple and harmless at first sight but one can easily find themselves trapped and entangled in it very quickly. It’s just like an addiction. People might think that the easiest way of getting out of the tough situation is through lying. No doubt, people might get easily through them, until, they find them drowned under the burden of those lies. Lying can be like a domino effect, in which the dominos keep falling until the truth presents itself.

The 4 types of lies are the white lie, the beneficial lie, the malicious lie and the deceptive lie. The white lie is used to stop people from emotionally hurting or insulting each other with the painful truth. The beneficial lie is used by a person who intends to help others. The deceptive lie is the one in which the liar intends to harm or disadvantage the victim for their own good and it is the most dangerous kind of lie. The lies that are told either for revenge or gain are called malicious lies. Malicious liars are used to destroying the character and reputations of a person. There are many different types of liars, as well. Natural liars have been lying since childhood and are confident of their ability to deceive. On the other hand, unnatural liars are people who were convinced by their parents that it was impossible for them to lie and others would always detect it. The romantic liars are the most dangerous liars, a woman can encounter. The usual goal of the romantic liar is to extract money, sex and other benefits from a woman.

People majorly lie to preserve their self-image. People can try to do this by telling white lies exaggerating their achievements or complicated stories to try and hide information about one’s character. People also lie to protect relationships or impress others to boost their own reputation. For instance, a job candidate may exaggerate his credentials and work experience to land the job.

Verigin in 2019 found that men are twice as likely as women to consider themselves to be good at lying and at getting away with it. They usually lie to save themselves from getting into uncomfortable situations. Men are less comfortable with intimacy, so they might lie about their conquests with regards to women.

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Men mostly lie when they want to make an impression on a woman if they think that they haven’t done enough in their life. They could lie about their job, social life, the number of women they have been with, or the number of places they have travelled to.

If a lie gives a man an ego boost, he will most probably do it. For example, if the wife asks, “who was the girl in your office who flirted with you?” The man might end up saying, “I don’t remember. I talk with so many girls that it’s hard to keep track.”

Men may lie to avoid confrontation with their partners. Some men may also lie because they believe that a woman might not be able to handle the truth. They think if they keep the truth to themselves, they could keep their partner away from worrying.

Studies show that men and women tell the same number of lies. But, what differs is the content of those lies. On one hand, women lie to make others feel better. They find it hard to lie about their feelings. On the other hand, men lie to make themselves look good. They lie to avoid arguments and also about their wild experiences when they were young.

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For instance, a woman might lie that someone looks wonderful in their new outfit, even though the person looks ugly. When a man is in the same situation, he will stay away from the person to avoid lying and will only lie if he is forced to give his opinion. His reaction might be that he simply loves it.

This suggests that women lie just as much as men, but they lie in a different manner. As women are very well aware of body language and voice signals, men get caught far more often, which makes it seem like men lie more. But this isn’t the case. Men just get caught while doing so.

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Dr. Nisha Khanna
Dr. Nisha Khanna
Celebrity Psychologist from the past 18+ years Dr. Nisha Khanna is one of the leading marriage and family counselor in Delhi NCR. She assists individuals and couples from every walk of life. She has offered assistance in more than 3750+ cases (professional and personal related needs of an individual, couple and families). Dr. Nisha has dealt with clients having emotional, mental, and physical & adjustment problems in their love, friendship, live-in, pre-marital, post-marital/post-marriage, family, professional life. She deals with the parent-child relationship, depression, insomnia, anxiety and all other kinds of moods, emotions, temperament, personality and behavioural issues.


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