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Top 8 picks of Kanjivaram silk sarees

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The timeless Kanjivarams are the epitome of grace, elegance, and evergreen style. The luscious silken strands woven with gold and silver zari reflect the age-old tradition of this land. We have loved and celebrated the Kanjivaram since time immemorial. The Kings and the Queens of South India adorned the drapes with love and encouraged the weavers to produce one of the fascinating range of Kanjivaram fabrics. The designs and patterns across this canvas is the source for many sarees today.

Kanjivarams have been a favourite amongst saree connoisseurs and celebrities alike. We have seen women like Rekha, Vidya Balan, and many more who have serenaded into our hearts draping one of the most beautiful saree ever woven. 

In this special collection let us look at curated Kanjivarams woven by infusing the heart and soul of the city. You can pick one that will make your wardrobe more beautiful.

1. Dual-toned-green-kanjivaram-silk-handloom-saree-with-floral-jaal

This dual-toned green Kanjivaram is the perfect choice for brides. It has floral jaal patterns across the body. You can add a contrast coloured blouse or a dark green blouse to accentuate the green in this saree. Keep the jewels minimal as the saree is in itself gleaming with hope. We love the borders and the pallu where there are peacock motifs residing in glory.

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2 Chilli Red Korvai Kanjivaram silk Handloom saree

Love the dainty drop motifs beautifully woven in the chilly red coloured canvas of this Kanjivarams. The golden zari elevates the saree and mesmerises the onlookers. If you notice closely, this silk saree has a nice green coloured pallu and borders. This green can be your blouse colour. With heavy aari work, your saree is perfect for bridal looks. 

3 Pink Handloom Korvai Kanjivaran Silk saree with floral motif

Pink-coloured Kanjivarams are close to any bride’s heart. You can choose this for your reception or add it to your bridal trousseau. Check the green contrasting border colour, you are surely going to be in a pink hazy glow. Match this saree with nice traditional temple jewellery and see how your look is going to be the talk of the town.

4. Bright-burnt-orange-kanjivaram-silk-saree-with-floral-design

This bright red Kanjivaram is what dreams are made of. Do you see the myriad colours that come to your mind for the blouses? You can wear a contrasting colour and make wonders with it. The silk blouse with net sleeves is a new rage. You can make heavy aari work on the net part and carry this like the queen you are!

5. Ruby-red-kanjivaram-silk-handloom-saree-with-floral-motifs

Jewel-toned Kanjivarams have a special place in every wardrobe. This is the best bridal saree one can lay their hands on. We adore the pattern, the colour and the border. Especially, the motifs on this saree sings to us. If you wear this saree with gold jewellery, make sure that you add jasmine to your hair. We want you to look like a regal Maharani. 

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6 Bright-yellow-kanjivaram-handloom-silk-saree-with-floral-motif

Yellow is the colour of joy and the auspicious colour for new beginnings. In this saree, we have added a bright pink to the palette. Making it a contemporary Kanjivaram. The colours of the silk saree brighten up our mood and make it perfect for any occasion.

7 Candy-red-korvai-kanjivaram-silk-handloom-saree

Authentic red coloured saree filled with love. This is the go-to saree for any auspicious occasion. The saree is woven with traditional patterns and in a style that is totally vintage. Your temple or kemp jewellery will elevate this saree to another level.

8 Dark green handloom Korvai Kanjivaram silk saree with floral motif

Dark green coloured Kanjivaram in beautiful patterns will shimmer as you move. The warp and weft flow melodiously. This saree can be paired with a diamond choker and the blouse can be solid with zari borders. 

At Singhania’s, we choose every saree with love and care. You can get in touch with our team of stylists to pick your favourite fabric from our thousands of choices. Stitch your blouse and pair it with the right jewels. Now, you are ready to rule all the occasions. Remember, style is inherent and your attitude is the best accessory. 

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