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Tips for creating a stunning travel video

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Travel content as a category has evolved in recent times. After the pandemic, people have started travelling more, and the demand for travel content has increased. There are different forms of travel content, and they vary across platforms. Some of the popular travel content forms are listicles, carousels, etc. However, video content has emerged as a clear winner in travel content.

Travel videos have become quite popular across platforms. They are one of the most searched content types on platforms like Instagram, etc. This guide is for you if you are a travel vlogger or are interested in creating travel videos. It will take you through some of the best tips you need to know for creating a travel video.

Tips to Create a Great Travel Video

There are different things that you must consider while creating a travel video. You must understand the process before you start creating the video. Let’s have a look at some of the tips that will help you in creating a great travel video.

Draft a Plan

Planning is an important step when you are creating a travel video. Before starting your trip, you should have a strategy for how you will shoot the video. You can also conduct initial research to get a fair idea of the destinations you will be traveling to so that you know how to shoot the video.

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Knowing the city and its highlights before you reach the place will help you plan your travel video better. Also, create a rough storyboard in advance to give structure to your travel video.

Select the Equipment

While creating a travel video, your equipment plays an important role. Travel videos must focus on the beauty of the place and the elements that add to the beauty. Hence, it is important to have the right equipment. You must buy a good professional camera to capture the best footage of the places you visit.

However, if you don’t have the budget to buy a camera, you can use a smartphone with a good camera that allows you to capture HD videos. While microphones are not essential for travel videos, you should try to buy a tripod stand.

A tripod stand will save you from shaky footage. However, you can use a video maker to make the necessary corrections if there are a few disturbances in the video despite the tripod.

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AI video generators

To give shape to your imagination you may use AI video generators. AI video generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to create videos from text, images, or other media.  AI video generators can create videos in a fraction of the time it takes to produce a traditional video. They can be used to create a wide variety of videos, including product demos, educational videos, marketing videos, and even feature films.

AI video generators typically work by first generating a script or storyboard from the user’s input. They then use this script or storyboard to generate a video sequence, which includes the video footage, audio, and transitions. Some AI video generators can even generate realistic avatars that can deliver the video’s dialogue.

AI video generators offer a number of advantages over traditional video production methods. They are much faster and cheaper to produce, and they can be used to create videos without the need for any specialized equipment or skills. Additionally, AI video generators can be used to create videos in a variety of different styles, which can be useful for businesses of all sizes.

Be Confident

You will have to show your presence in several travel video formats. Hence, you should be comfortable facing the camera. Also, you must address the audience with confidence as it brings an infectious energy to the video. To become more comfortable with the camera, you can take a few practice shots before you shoot the final footage.

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You can show your face in the video when you take your audience on a virtual tour or tell them something interesting about the place that is a part of the video.

Don’t Make it Lengthy

With the reduced attention spans of humans, they are shifting towards short content. Hence, if you create a long travel video, there are chances that the viewers will close the video midway. Hence, you should keep your video short and to the point. You can use a video maker to make your videos more interesting and engaging. You can give your video a desired finish with the help of animated effects, video templates, stock footage, etc.


The coherence of the video is quite important. You must use your travel video to tell a story or to highlight a particular aspect of the place. Hence, you must create a flow so the video weaves like a story. You should smoothly transition from one shot to another and include the best shots to showcase the beauty of the place.

You can use some effects to connect two or more videos or to add pictures to your videos. You can also add a voiceover to your travel video. You must use a great microphone to record the voiceover, as normal recorders tend to record a shaky voice that might disturb the video.

Add a Track

In travel videos, voiceovers are rare, as most have a soundtrack playing in the background. You must choose a piece of music or audio that matches the appeal of your video. You can then use a video editor to add that audio to the background. Video editors can use several copyright-free music tracks in your travel video.

It also allows you to try different tracks and choose the one that goes well with the video. You must try to make your viewers excited about the place; an audio track can add that element to the video.

Work on the Video Intro

The intro of your video is the most important part of the video. You must capture your audience in the first 10 seconds of your video. If these seconds fail to excite your viewers, they switch to another video. You can use a good video editing tool to create an intro that grips your audience. You can also use short footage from your trip as an intro if the location that is a part of the footage is exciting enough.

Also, to make people want to click your video, you must create an attention-grabbing thumbnail for the video. The thumbnail is the picture the viewer sees before clicking on a video.

Balance the Colors

You may have clips of different locations shot at different time frames. Some footage might be from the morning, while some might be shot at night. You need to make the necessary colour corrections so that the clips blend well. However, if you feel that footage will lose its essence with colour corrections, you can add a timelapse video to show a transition from day to night.

Final Words

Creating a travel video might seem like a challenging task. However, if you plan things, you will enjoy the entire activity. Travel videos are in high demand currently, and if you want to capitalize on the opportunity, you need to work on your travel videos. You must have access to a good video maker that will help you improve your travel videos’ visual appeal. Once you create a travel video, you must try to promote it across channels.

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