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More than 1300 species of birds are found in India

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India represents almost all eco-region found on the planet and is home with over 1300 exotic bird species to name few from the Indian Roller, Hornbills, Sarus Crane, Great Indian Bustard, Woodpeckers, Kingfishers and many more!

​​Birds play a very important role in Indian culture. In mythology, different birds are associated as Vahanas of Gods & Goddesses. Birds are also very close to human beings since ages and it has always been very inspirational to man’s life since stone age to the modern era and from the Stone Age Rock Paintings, Cave Paintings, Mughal Paintings to modern era paintings birds were and are an integral part.


​Birds are found everywhere from the Arctic to Antarctica in different sorts of climatic conditions, varied bio diversities & habitats. Birding not just sharpens our sense but it also brings us close to nature. Nature education is very important. A travel enthusiast always likes to explore & understand the local culture, to be with local communities and study their surroundings, eating/drinking habits, tracking of animals, birds from the sounds they make, marks on the pathways or scratches on the barks of the trees. It’s a fantastic world of experiences. Birding is an activity which helps us to bring more close to nature and local communities.


There are approx. 11,000 bird species around the world and more than 1300 species are found in India. Birding Tourism is a billion-dollar industry across the globe. Millions of international trips are taken every year for the purpose of Birding and India has a huge potential due to its diverse biogeography of different terrains from Trans Himalaya to Desert, Western Ghats, Deccan Peninsula, Gangetic Plains, North-East region and Islands. India is home to approx. 91,000 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies. Lot of efforts is being taken at different levels by the Government and Non-Government organizations to protect the species, environment and creating awareness.


The formal scientific study of bird is called ‘Ornithology’ Bird watching involves identifying birds and understanding their behaviour for recreation. The fascinating hobby is becoming increasingly popular and enjoyed by all age groups.

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