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Six Facts About Open Marriages

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Six Facts About Open Marriages

Open marriage is a type of consensual non-monogamous relationship. It differs from polyamory in that a committed couple is at the centre and does not necessarily seek attachment in their external intimate encounters. Hence, the concept of this arrangement contradicts the narrative of romantic commitment that most people are familiar with. That said, let’s explore some facts about this unique relationship.

1.   Each Marriage Has Its Rules

Many people believe that the only reason a couple opts to open their union is to allow them to have multiple intimate partners. While this is one of the reasons, the truth is that each agreement is tailored to meet the couple’s needs. In most cases, the husband gives their wife the authority to seek out their partners, at least initially. Some opt to meet their new partners in social gatherings, while others may opt for online dating sites, particularly married women dating site. Some agreements involve swingers; in some cases, the partner is allowed to have an anonymous sexual partner. The couple defines the boundaries, dos, and don’ts of engaging the third party in their union.

2.   It’s Not a Guaranteed Fix

This arrangement is not a one-fit-all solution to a failing marriage. Couples considering opening their marriage are often confident that it will strengthen their relationship. While this arrangement may help the couple avoid the hurt of cheating, they must assess their situation well before deciding whether to open their marriage. A strong foundation is necessary for open marriages to succeed. If you feel unsure about your connection, it is better to try reconnecting with your spouse and finding a way to meet each other’s needs without involving others.

3.   Jealousy is Normal and Natural

It is common for people in an open marriage to feel intimidated by the various people their partners choose to pursue. Jealousy in this union is not wrong; it does not mean you’re bad at non-monogamy. You, however, have to face your feelings and learn to control your thoughts. Subsequently, you need to communicate these feelings directly with your partner. It is also important to understand that successful relationships require trust and good interpersonal skills. Sometimes, the third party could try to sabotage your union. Hence, couples in this arrangement must set boundaries to protect their marriage.

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4.   Most Couples Keep It a Secret

Open relationships have existed throughout history. Most cultures, however, consider it immoral and pervasive. For this reason, there’s a lot of stigma around open marriages. Couples in this arrangement are seen as having a bad character than those in monogamous marriages. This results in a halo effect where this negative attitude is extended to other areas of their lives that aren’t related to their relationship. Most couples reveal their status only on a need-to-know basis or if they feel comfortable around you.

5.   Honesty is Needed

A common misconception about open marriages is that you give your partner a free pass to act as they wish without consequences. However, an open relationship only works if you’re honest with each other. You must remember that your spouse is still your first priority. Though different people are meeting your sexual or emotional needs, it should not be at the cost of your main partner.

6.   Physical and Emotional Boundaries

The couple must agree on how to protect themselves and their spouses in an open marriage. The bigger your sexual circle, the riskier it is to contract STIs. Hence, routine screening for STIs is necessary. It’s essential to discuss boundaries regarding who your spouse can see, the activities they can engage in together, and for how long. Each party should be honest about their needs from the start.

Bonus: Celebrities in Open Marriages

Traditional relationships do not suit every couple. Open marriages are quite common among celebrities; a few are not shy to share their experience. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith top this list. Will explained that relationships shouldn’t be a prison and that what works for them is trusting each other to find their own way.

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Dolly Patron and Carl Dean are over 50 years into their marriage. Dolly says their union thrives on a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. Mo’nique and Sidney Hicks are over a decade into their open marriage. The actress suggested the idea because she wanted to continue dating another man even in her marriage. The couple has redefined their union over the years.


Couples in open marriages have admitted to having an equal or even better quality relationship with their partners as much as their counterparts in monogamous relationships. While the idea is great and works for some, it is not guaranteed to work for you. Hence, you need to do your due diligence about what to expect. Also, ensure you can trust your partner before trying it because once you go this way, there’s no turning back.

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