Home BUSINESS Luxor Diversifies into home and hygiene products with Luxor Nano

Luxor Diversifies into home and hygiene products with Luxor Nano

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Luxor Group, India’s biggest writing instrument brand, announced its entry into home and hygiene segment by launching Luxor Nano, a range of nanotechnology-based products to protect home, skin and gadgets against bacteria and viruses. Targeted at modern, caring and digitally savvy consumers, the products shall be available across the country. The company plans to increase its presence in this specific segment given rising demand fuelled by the Covid pandemic.

Luxor Nano brand provides superior and lasting protection by killing 99.9% bacteria, viruses and repels dust and dirt from the surface. Luxor Nano is based upon Active Nano Technology which creates a protective layer that keeps objects and surfaces safe for a long time. Further, it is completely safe for the skin and also adds lasting fragrance. The nanotechnology-based products are much superior to the competition as they provide long-lasting protection and are safe for skin.

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Pooja Jain Gupta
Pooja Jain Gupta, Executive Director, Luxor Group

Speaking on the occasion Pooja Jain Gupta, Executive Director, Luxor Group said, “We are happy to introduce nanotechnology in India, which offers enormous benefits in terms of safety and stability. It is a revolutionary solution to contemporary health and hygiene issues. Luxor has been a pioneer and we are confident to write a similar success story in the home hygiene segment. We see this technology as a gamechanger in the health and hygiene sector. Globally, nanotechnology is gaining prominence owing to its efficacy in solving everyday challenges. We aim to bring it to Indian consumers who will equally benefit from such inventions/world-class technology.  The products are dermatologically tested and highly effective against any kind of bacteria or virus. The initial response has been highly encouraging.”

Luxor is committed to quality, which explains its easy transition from one polarised extreme to the other. The brand has always been innovating, researching and analysing through its highly automated, world-class manufacturing facilities.

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