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Goddess Durga – an example of perfect woman

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Goddess Durga

There are nine different forms or stages or manifestations of goddess Durga which are worshipped during the nine-day long Durga Puja or Navaratri festival to mark the duration of the war between goddess Durga and the demon-king Mahishasura.  

The tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadashami –  one of the most important festivals for Hindus all over the world.

As a part of the Navratri festival, nine unmarried virgin girls are worshipped as the living incarnations of the nine goddesses.  

If we look at things in perspective we will come to know that Goddess Durga – is an example of a perfect woman with multiple talents and powers which helped her triumph over evil. She is second to none and has unlimited skills and powers. She is always prepared to do whatever a man can do or maybe more. All she needs to do is to develop and nurture these hidden strengths to become an unstoppable force. She is a near-perfect example of women empowerment and there are many lessons to be learnt from her life which are quite relevant for the women in our society even today. These are some of the things we need to learn from goddess Durga’s story.

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Multipronged ability

Goddess Durga is a perfect example of multipronged ability. She is ferocious, fearless, aggressive as well as compassionate. She is heavily armed and always prepared as a protector, destroyer as well as creator – all in one. This is something that women today need to learn from her.

Power to adapt in any situation

Goddess Durga has many hands and above all the ability to adapt or transform in any situation according to the need of the hour. Likewise, women, today have to perform multiple tasks in their everyday life which require them to transform from being a wife to mother, employee or sister the very next moment. This is a skill women today need to learn. And if they do so they are loved, respected, worshipped and placed on a larger-than-life pedestal.

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Durga is always seen riding a lion and has a strong mind and body. This again is a quality that the present day women need to learn if they wish to be appreciated and admired.

Teamwork & Collaboration

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Goddess Durga managed to overcome Mahishur because she had the strength and powers of all the Gods put together along with Lord Shiva’s Trident and Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra. The combined effect of all this was that she could do things – no man could do. In real life too, women have the ability to draw people who are positive and encouraging to co-operate and jointly work with them as a team. If a woman manages to do so, there is virtually no limit to what she can achieve.

Overcome fear and personal discomfort

Life is never easy for anyone and everyone. Even goddess Durga was initially afraid but she overcame her fear because she chose to face it head on and ended up taming a wild lion and killing an invincible demon.  This is a lesson that women and girls across the country need to learn – not to let fear stop them from moving forward and turning a seemingly sure-shot defeat into victory.

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Ankit Mahajan
Ankit Mahajan
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