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Frequent sex reduces lifespan: BJP MP

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If Alok Sanjar the BJP MP from Bhopal is to be believed frequent sex drastically reduces a person’s lifespan.

According to him whereas earlier people performed yajnas and pray to God to make their wives conceive today people have made sex a play

He went on to quote an incident in which a man approached Lord Krishna and asked him the purpose of sex? To produce a child, the Lord replied. The man then wanted to know when it was appropriate to have sex. “Once in 12 years”, the Lord replied.

When the man insisted again, Lord Krishna told him, “once in six years”. He asked again. This time the Lord told him, ‘once in a year’. Then the reply was ‘once in six months’ and then ‘once in a month’.

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Probably what he meant to say was that people should exercise restraint and should not go on procuring children one after another as each childbirth seriously affects the health of the mother and amounts to her rebirth. But the manner in which he said it that too while presiding over a programme on the 10th anniversary of a Test Tube Centre in Bhopal, landed him into avoidable controversy.

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