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Top five success or failures of Modi

Another evidence of his side-stepping from the party machinery to reach out masses is in his choice of the modern communication medium, radio and television for direct contact with masses and regularly sharing his thoughts with them.

Foreign Policy Modi(fied)

More Indians can be seen spending their summer vacations in Switzerland, Europe, Singapore or Bangkok instead of frequenting hill stations in India. Developed nations are eying India as a huge market for their goods and survival of their economies. India has become a land of hopes. In every country that NaMo visited he has talked to their rich and invited them to come to India to park their capital and technologies.

Can Narendra Modi change the plight of the poor and downtroden?

Change always is resisted because it disturbs the settled life. Everyone wants change but in others. Interesting to watch will be the way NaMo will tackle this mentality to emerge at the end of his first term. He has undertaken a challenging task with his promise for a transformation the life styl of the poor but also the Indian economy and the Indian way of life.

Needed schools and teachers for politicians children

Rahul Gandhi did not learn from experience. The crowd of young party workers around him on his visits were merely favour seekers and had no dedication to the party.

Has Pied Piper of India lost his Magic?

Modi has done a great job of selling the India growth story to a global audience, the reality on the ground back home leaves a lot to be desired. Economy is stuck, reforms are stuck (Armed Forces reforms in particular), inflation may be down but the prices of daily needs are higher, the intolerance in the country is raising its ugly head, Armed Forces veterans are agitating in the streets for more than 222 days and many other things.

Modi’s model of economic, political and social justice- a perspective

His opponents may not accept that he has outsmarted them all. He laid the foundations for the end of the imperial domination of Indian affairs to pave a way for other classes to take over as was predicted by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia in 1966. If you cannot defeat them join them and lick them was the strategy apparent in his achievement.

Will Kejriwal be able to eradicate corruption in private educational institutes

Ideally, even children from socially and economically backward families should be in a position to compete with students from private schools. It is easier and populist to shift the entire blame on the rich and well-to-do families rather than finding a solution to empower the children from poor and backward families so that they too can enjoy the fruits of development.

Three PMs and the struggles they underwent to reach schools

On the Labour Day, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed the pathetic picture of merely 3 lakh apprentices in India as against 20 million in China, 90 per cent in Japan and three million in tiny population of Germany.

Where did the Congress go wrong?

The Congress was uprooted from Delhi after ruling it for 15 continued years and boasting that Delhi developed under its rule. A close look will tell that it did not serve poor but sliced benefits of the middle class and paid the price

Is Bharat Ratna a joke?

Rajiv Gandhi got 1000s of Indian IPKF soldiers killed in the to Sri Lanka and got himself embroiled in the Bofors scandal which damaged his credibility so much that children openly went around shouting “Gali gali main shor hai, Rajiv Gandhi Chor hai”. Still he was posthumously nominated for Bharat Ratna when his son Rahul became an MP and Vice President of Congress party in 1991.

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay: The Visionary behind the lotus bloom

Deendayal Upadhyay was so inspired by the RSS ideology that he decided to become a lifelong pracharak of RSS and instead of a western suit as was a trend those days – appeared for a competitive examination in dhoti, kurta and cap. This earned him the nick name – Panditji –that continued in later life.

Economic development and vote bank politics

Narender Modi's priorities are clear. He is focusing on the deprived and the Dalits instead of the middle class which was the traditional vote bank. The backward classes, particularly the Dalits were denied not only socio-economic justice but also facilities to improve their abilities. The biased education system did not allow them to go beyond the secondary grades. They lack of skills and as a result the opportunities for a better life.

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