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Vineeta Rai: The people’s bureaucrat

India's--first women Revenue Secretary, Vineeta Rai was once considered to be one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in India. In her brief stint as the Revenue Secretary she helped two Finance Ministers present the budget in the parliament and ended up collecting more taxes than expected.

Maj. Gen. Ian Cardozo – the Gurkha legend

The valiant Gurkhas may not think twice before sacrificing their life or shedding their blood on any battle-field. But at the same time, they are not prepared to do or die, or give their loyalty to any officer they come across. They are simple and straight forward but not stupid enough to be taken for a ride. This is one of the toughest challenge for any non-Gurkha officer to win over or earn their respect and to lead or command them in action.

How Nambi Narayanan was framed in a fake Spy Case?

24 years ago, Nambi Narayanan –a reputed space scientist was accused of selling ISRO’s rocket and satellite secrets and subjected to inhuman torture by IB and Kerala police officers. Was it part of an international conspiracy, insensitive journalism or police brutality that the scientific genius spent the prime of his life behind four walls of a jail instead of a laboratory?

Xi Jinping and the new Chinese State

Xi has reversed the thirty years of reforms initiated by former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping and replaced it with his own. What makes Xi’s revolution distinctive is the strategy he has pursued.

The first Sikh to contest for a general seat in Pakistan

It is an open secret that non-Islamic minorities -- Christians, Sikhs and Ahmadis who account for 4 per cent of Pakistan’s 200 million people are among the most deprived and oppressed sections of Pakistani society. But when it comes to equal rights some of the other practitioners of Islamic faith-- Shias, Barelvis, Deobandis, Ahle Hadiths, Sufis, and Ahmadiyyas – comprising about 15 to 20 per cent of the Muslim population are nothing more than second-class citizens in Pakistan.

Justice TS Thaur: he is what a lawyer wants from a judge

He has good knowledge of law as well as good temperament.As a judge he is very good in all subjects. His approach is very good. There is no conflict between the advocates and the Judge. He is a calm judge. He hears the advocates patiently. He never gets angry like other judges. He is a relief oriented judge.That is the basic difference between him and Justice Dattu

Justice Thakur: A daring judge who doesn’t mince his words

Better known as the Supreme Court Judge, who heard the Sahara investors refund case against Subroto Roy in the apex court after Justice J.S. Khehar recused himself from the hearing, Justice Thakur is known to be a thinking judge who does not hesitate tsthakurto call a spade a spade.

List of Bharat Ratna Awardees

Some people are born great; others have greatness thrust upon them. Isn't it surprising that while Nelson Mandela (South Africa) was confirred Bharat Ratna, the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi was never considered suitable for the Bharat Ratna literally meaning Jewel of India is India’s highest civilian award.

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay: The Visionary behind the lotus bloom

Deendayal Upadhyay was so inspired by the RSS ideology that he decided to become a lifelong pracharak of RSS and instead of a western suit as was a trend those days – appeared for a competitive examination in dhoti, kurta and cap. This earned him the nick name – Panditji –that continued in later life.

Col. Matwankar- the man with the healing touch

Col. Matwankar- is the only Hospital Administrator who has experience of working in the Defence Services, government and Corporate, sector

Gen Nambiar: The Thinking General

He is one of the few Indian generals to achieve international recognition as the first Force Commander and Head of Mission of UNPROFOR, the United Nations Protection Force in the former Yugoslavia, between March 1992 and March 1993.

Sanath Jayasuriya: clean-bowled in politics

Former Sri Lankan cricket captain turned politician Sanath Jayasuriya holds the record for the fastest fifty (against Pakistan 17 balls) and fastest 150 (against England in 95 balls) in ODI cricket. Add to that-- fastest exit from politics.
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