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Social Media: what is there in it for me?

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Social media connects us to different people such as colleagues, friends, people from different institutes than us and family members. It’s useful for networking and making contacts. In that respect, social media is truly advantageous.

Deception concerning age is shown. There are hundreds of thousands of fake accounts. Kids start using social media at a very young age. Homework has started being distributed through iPads, online networks and thus use of the internet is heavily integrated into our education system now.  

These days, however, it is also used as a medium when people are feeling low or insecure. The users who don’t work and stay at home do take advantage of this service.

Social media acts as a medium where we display parts of us that we think are favourable parts of us that we think will get acceptance. We also display the parts of us that we are insecure about the most. Hoping to get more likes more confirmations that our insecurity is invalid. A person who posts 30 selfies a month is likely to have low self-worth. This fact must be acknowledged.

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When a person is going through a difficult time, it impacts their life in a way that they need reassurance. They try to find a partner. They sometimes go online to resolve their issues sometimes get involved with people with similar interests.

People integrate social media into their lives too much. They get so connected to these people that they stay in an hour to hour, minute to minute contact with their partners. You should take a step back. It is not healthy to stay in contact touch.

Equality in relationships is required. When someone messages you good morning or goodnight every day and they miss one of these, you get slightly emotionally disturbed as you are habitual.

With constant contact and constant reassurances, enmeshment occurs. When you eat food or go out your partner is constantly updated on your whereabouts and vice versa. You should be limiting your time on social media and stay in touch on a limited basis. Equality of relationship is required and imbalance of such can be provoked by social media. Social media-based relationships are unhealthy, our lives start revolving around that particular person.

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We lose our own identities. We compare ourselves to others. “does that person have a better figure than me, clearer skin than me, more exciting life than me. We try to display that we have a good standard of living by posting photos we take on vacation. We try to show our body off by taking and photos in flattering clothes with flattering angles.

We have lost contact with reality, with organic connections. Our daily lives revolve around pieces of technology that gives us a sense of loneliness. You may have a large number of contacts, of followers but still, be bereaved of actual human contact. We need to acknowledge the reality that technology is going to keep becoming more and more prominent. We need to adjust and adapt accordingly. 

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Dr. Nisha Khanna
Dr. Nisha Khanna
Celebrity Psychologist from the past 18+ years Dr. Nisha Khanna is one of the leading marriage and family counselor in Delhi NCR. She assists individuals and couples from every walk of life. She has offered assistance in more than 3750+ cases (professional and personal related needs of an individual, couple and families). Dr. Nisha has dealt with clients having emotional, mental, and physical & adjustment problems in their love, friendship, live-in, pre-marital, post-marital/post-marriage, family, professional life. She deals with the parent-child relationship, depression, insomnia, anxiety and all other kinds of moods, emotions, temperament, personality and behavioural issues.


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