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Antisocial personality disorder

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Antisocial personality disorder: twin sides of the same person

Antisocial personality disorder

Someone violating, breaking the laws or disregarding other people once in a while sounds fine, but what if this behaviour is seen very often in a particular person? So this is what AntiSocial Personality Disorder looks like and is a mental health condition where the people diagnosed with it show a lack of respect, do not follow the socially recognized rules and norms and lastly, they may also cause physical and emotional harm to people around them.

This disorder can be best understood under the broad category of personality disorders.

Talking about the symptoms, so the symptoms can vary in severity. The more extreme symptoms which are more egregious, harmful or more dangerous behaviour patterns are referred to as sociopathic or psychopathic. The other side to this is a lighter set of symptoms. The person diagnosed with this can be charming at first but they are most likely to be irritable, aggressive, cold and irresponsible.

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Talking about the more basic set of symptoms, it usually includes lack of stability in professional and personal life, violation of physical and emotional rights of others without hesitation, recklessness and major impulsive enactments, consistent acts of irresponsibility. Antisocial personality is confirmed by a psychological evaluation as other disorders can also be present and if so should also be evaluated by a mental health professional at the earliest.

The symptoms of this disorder can be seen developing in the later part of childhood or probably the early teen years. This is usually diagnosed as a conduct disorder and children diagnosed with it may lie, steal or bully other kids. If the child gets an early diagnosis for it, the condition may not go on till adulthood but if there is too much ignorance of symptoms, it may develop into a proper disorder at the age of 18 or past it.

The causes of this disorder are not very particular as such but the people can be at risk if they have unusual levels of serotonin, any history of trauma or child abuse also increases the probability and the patients diagnosed with it, in most cases have problems with drug or alcohol abuse.

There is no particular set of treatment for ASPD as such but therapies like medications, psychotherapy or cognitive behavioural therapy may help control certain repetitive patterns of behaviour. An antisocial personality disorder is one of the disorders which is difficult to treat as the person down with it never accepts that he/she is down with it and refuses to get the treatment. So it is very difficult to treat the person who is diagnosed and bring them to therapy. There is no specific test or stuff to assess this disorder, there are just certain characteristics looked out in the person in order to bring him/her under-diagnosis.

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