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Webaround : let the background speak for itself

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Video conferencing is rapidly becoming a business staple. When meeting with clients or employers, it is desirable have a clean, professional look to the web conference. But a home, office or on-site location might not always be the best background for a professional conference. That’s where Webaround comes in. This deceptively simple product design is a fast, easy solution for the problem of what to do about a cluttered environment.

Photography screens or curtains can be used to create background. But photography screens require setting up a tripod; and curtains require a place where they can be hung. Even a folding screen can take up floor space – and none of these solutions are particularly portable.

That is where Webaround comes in. It is light, portable and fits on the back of most office chairs so it does not require a tripod, a place to hang or even a small portion of office floor space. Simply remove Webaround from its attractive carrying bag, let it snap open, and drop it over the back of a chair. Instantly, the user has a clean space in which to carry on a professional conference. No more worries about whether or not a book shelf is tidy, the kids have picked up their mess, or even whether or not office mates want to appear on video. Webaround provides an anonymous space from which to make contacts.

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Webaround was developed by Linda Bovay and Vickie Childers, registered nurses, for a doctor who conducted virtual visits with his hospital patients. One night, he was making his visits from his kitchen – which was a bit messy. It was distracting to his patients and detracted from his professional reputation. The Webaround was the perfect solution for him.

Webaround has an international customer base – but most people have probably not even heard of it. Advertising has been primarily by word-of-mouth from satisfied customers, or by lucky web-search. Now, Linda Bovay has created an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaignto finance marketing the Webaround. Even if the campaign does not raise the target amount, the funds will be used to spread the word about this ingenious, low-tech solution to a high tech problem: presenting a professional image when participating in web conferences. Participants in web conferences have an easier time focusing on the speaker and his or her message when thebackground is not cluttered. Webarounds can even be used as a background for photographs – especially the ones needed for web identification. They make setting up for a snapshot using a webcam as simple as putting on a hat. Just drop the Webaround over a chair back, have a seat, face the webcam directly and click with the mouse. Instantly, the user can have a fresh picture to post on a job application or website.

Rewards for contributing are – naturally enough – Webarounds. Backers can get one in a choice of blue or gray. They can even get one with their personal logo printed on it. Contribution levels start at $5.00, but Webaround rewards start at $45.00 for the 45” Webaround in blue or gray. For a slightly higher pledge, backers can get the 52” Webaround – ideal for situations where wider coverage is needed behind the user. For $200, backers can participate in a web conference with Linda and Vicki. At every level of contribution, contributors are encouraged to post a video of themselves using the Webaround.

If having a clean, professional background for video conferences is important then this Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is THE campaign. It is also perfect for instructors who need to record lecture videos or even for college students who wish to impress their parents.

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Webaround has your back(ground). Busy professionals, students, or individuals can relax during a web conference, knowing that their background is not distracting to their message. Webarounds also make excellent gifts – they are perfect for young entrepreneurs whose “office” is where ever they happen to set up their laptop. Viewers who are not prepared to contribute monetarily to this campaign can still help out by posting it to their social media or by telling friends about it.

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