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Top 10 qualities why Krishna is relevant today – 9

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Quality # 9: Tactful Communicator

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From his early childhood onwards Lord Krishna displays superior communication and negotiation skills to deal with people – both friends and enemies. Early on he spins a tale – main nahim makhan khayo – to convince his mother and escape punishment. There are other instances where he influences friends to take part in mischief and mesmerize ‘gopees’ with his sweet talk. Later as an ambassador of Pandavas in the court of Kauravas he uses his communication, negotiation and diplomatic skills to avoid war. But, deep inside his heart he wants the war to happen so that good can prevail over evil thus uses propaganda skills to make Duryodhana afraid of the Pandava’s strength and fighting skills.

 In this sense Lord Krishna is one of the greatest corporate communicators who know exactly what to communicate when and how with every one of the stakeholders and Mahabaratha is a great communication treatise. Lord Krishna’s presentation style, non verbal or verbal communication, interpersonal skills, mass communication is relevant even today and should be a model for modern Management and Communication practitioners.

Lord Krishna is an excellent politician – always concerned about his people.  As a King with a mighty army he never invaded any kingdom. Even though his Narayani Sena could defeat Jarasandh when he attacked Mathura, Krishna fled to Dwarka. This earned him the title of “Ranchhod Das” meaning a coward, who fleas the battlefield – but he fled to avoid unnecessary loss of lives.

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The story goes that Krishna and Balaram faced Jarasanth the father-in-law of Kansa in battle eighteen times but allowed him to run away each time. But Krishna was worried that even though he was winning battles, he was losing men. And people of Mathura couldn’t sustain under a constant state of attack. Krishna did not want Mathura to suffer. Besides this was not the right time to end Jarasanth’s life. So he decided to flee to Dwaraka – which was an island and hence impossible to attack. Even today tactical retreat is an accepted military strategy.

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