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The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz to revolutionize Road Safety

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Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd (THRSL) a pioneer in the field of Robotics, AI and computer vision is revolutionizing On-Road Logistics with its Vision-Based Autonomous and Driver Assist Solutions (ADAS), aimed at enhancing safety, visibility, efficiency and productivity by reducing inefficiencies in Supply Chain and Fleet Operations.

The logistics sector, which is a key enabler and the backbone of any growing economy, has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The sector is primarily dependent on drivers who operate for long hours in tough working conditions, marred by physical and mental health issues.

According to a survey conducted by Castrol, around 25 per cent of the drivers slept two hours or less in a day while on assignment, while 35 per cent slept for just 2-4 hours in a day, which is way below recommended levels. This results in unsafe and non-compliant driving, which not only compromises road safety (Driver Sleep/Fatigue/Drowsiness is a major cause of accidents as per Rassi study) but also leads to the high cost of operations. This kind of inattentive driving leads to harsh braking/acceleration and speeding, which adversely impacts fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Currently, most fleets are equipped with telematics devices that only capture vehicle location and vehicle parameters and not driver behaviour. Being unable to monitor driver behaviour, the fleet owners/managers have minimal control over, turnaround time compliance for their end customers as they are reliant on the driver. The best telematics devices can only log vehicle state and location, which gives only a partial picture. Since the vehicle behaves as per driver inputs, fleet operators are completely in the dark as to the vehicle state i.e. the driver behaviour. Hence, the fleet operator cannot improve fleet operations. With the end-customer demanding more visibility and more stringent delivery timelines, the fleet owners/managers need to find solutions to cater to the evolving customer needs.

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THRSL’s ADAS solutions enable real-time risky incident detection and provide pre-emptive in-vehicle alerts and coaching, promoting safe driving behaviour and minimizing accidents. Further, THRSL’s ADAS solutions re-enforce more compliant driving, thereby help fleet owners/managers to meet customer expectations of timely delivery. Due to reduced downtime and improved driving, the trucks can spend more time on the road and generate more revenue.

THRSL’s edge AI-based in-vehicle vision system for automobiles helps prevent casualties on the road arising from driver drowsiness and inattention. It also provides the required visibility into vehicle operations and performance by generating machine learning-based actionable insights that help improve risky behaviours by drivers and enable personalized coaching interventions so that the driver behaviour is consistently improved. Being the first mover in the ADAS domain, with over 100 patents in this domain, THRSL is working very closely with key international and domestic OEMs as well as large technology-savvy ‘aftermarket fleets and shippers’, to commercialize these systems.

The company’s products are already in production with auto OEMs and fleets like Daimler and others. With thousands of systems in the field garnering great customer feedback and over 3 million kms of driving data analysed, THRSL’s superior video analytics-based systems has helped in saving the lives and livelihoods of thousands of drivers and averting over 4 accidents per month for a typical fleet.

According to Anuj Kapuria, Founder & CEO, The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz, “Enhancing, safety and efficiency of operations is our mission at THRSL. A fatality happens on Indian roads every 4 mins, with over 90% of the accidents due to human error. Our vision-based driver-assistive systems for trucks, buses and cars enable active safety thereby preventing accidents. This will significantly improve safety on Indian Roads not only for drivers but also for other vulnerable road users like pedestrians and two-wheelers.

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