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Sanzar Futureteq’s innovative Gekko GX1 – Hybrid Smartwatch

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Sanzar Futureteq’s Gekko GX1 – Hybrid Smartwatch– Smart inside, traditional outside 

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We live in a time where one can’t help but be surrounded by technology. Today the tech industry is buzzing with advancements in wearable technology, connected devices, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. While the smartwatch has found its bond with consumers, a new trend of ‘Hybrid Smartwatches’ is carving a niche for itself.

As the world transitions from traditional analogue watches to digital smart watches; a young start-up by the name of Sanzar Futureteq Private Limited has taken the leap to propel itself into a leading local player in the segment. The company’s first launch is the innovative Gekko GX1 – Hybrid Smartwatch.

As the name implies, the watch is the hybrid of an analogue watch and a digital smartwatch that caters to a wide consumer base of teenagers and young adults. It incorporates a LED-Backlit display, provides fitness statistics via a companion app and has notifying capabilities of a smartwatch.

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The Gekko GX1 comes with a host of features that would appeal to individuals who appreciate a trendy, yet rugged watch. The battery is where the GX1 truly stands out, as it requires no charging and lasts a whole year, when compared to digital smartwatches.

On the launch of GX1, Sanskar Sharma, Co-Founder of Sanzar Futureteq said, “We are thrilled to introduce the Gekko GX1 – Hybrid Smartwatch in India! We endeavour to bring a wide range of smart wearables that mesh the best of the tech and fashion worlds to create tech-friendly, fashion-forward products”.

Some key features of the Gekko GX1 – Hybrid Smartwatch are:

  • Competitive Pricing: This hybrid smartwatch is priced at Rs. 4,995/- a more accessible price point when compared to other hybrid smartwatches available in the market.
  •  Watch Design: The fast-paced lifestyle of the target audience was intrinsic to the design of the Gekko GX1 watch. The screen features a sapphire glass dial, which is scratch resistant and has great strength. The sturdy design of the watch means it will endure any bumps and knocks that it may find its way. The watch scores very high on its aesthetics and provides the wearer a sense of machismo.
  • Calorie & Sleep Monitor: The Gekko GX1 watch monitors the number of steps taken, daily calories burnt and distance walked to provide the wearer’s fitness trends. The GX1 also tracks the wearer’s sleep quality via the smartphone app, to provide insight on the wearer’s sleep habits.
  • Altitude-UV-Temperature-Barometer Pressure: Wearers can make the most of their outdoor activities by keeping track of statistics such as air pressure, altitude, outside temperature and UV intensity. All this data is displayed on the GX1 and companion app, to provide all the relevant outdoor information needed.
  • App Notifications: Receive phone calls, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and several other notification alerts on the GX1 watch.
  • Remote Camera: Taking pictures is made easy, as the watch acts as a remote control for picture-clicking via the user’s smartphone camera.
  • Battery Life: The GX1 comes with a coin battery that lasts for up to one yearand can be easily replaced at any local watch store.
  • 1 Year Warranty: The GX1 has a 1 year local warranty that offers a direct replacement of the product in case of manufacturing defects. Moreover, an after-sales service team and a service centre is located in Mumbai, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Sanzar Futureteq’s mission is to provide innovative, yet user friendly wearable devices. Producing wearables that take cues from the tech and fashion worlds respectively, and amalgamating them to create tech-friendly, fashion-forward products of desire is the start-up’s mantra. With the launch of the Gekko GX1 – Hybrid Smartwatch, they have taken their first step towards this mission, with more unique products in the pipeline to be launched in the near future.

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Founded in 2016, is a start-up primarily focused on emerging consumer IoT smart devices and wearables. The company endeavours to enhance people’s lives by providing innovative and easy to use wearables that facilitate user well-being and enhances their style quotient.

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