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Ruchira Green Earth eyes INR 500 crore revenue in lithium battery segment in India

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Ruchira Green Earth lithium battery

Owing to the fast growing demand for electric vehicles and the rising consumption of lithium-ion batteries, Ruchira Green Earth, India’s leading manufacturer of lithium batteries and allied products for various applications, is expecting an upward movement in its growth in the next three years. Ruchira Green Earth has set a target of INR 500 crore revenue by the year 2025, banking on pent-up demand of lithium-ion batteries coming from the fast growing EV market in India.

Ruchira Green Earth has also announced a major capacity expansion plan to tap into the fast emerging demand in swappable and replacement batteries markets. As supplier of lithium batteries for leading EV manufacturers such as Vector Electric e-Bikes and Komaki, among others, Ruchira Green Earth is currently producing EV batteries for 2-3 wheelers while it’s all set to enter swappable and replacement batteries markets apart from large Energy Storage System (ESS) application in India.

Deepan Garg, Director, Ruchira Green Earth said, “Spearheading the EV revolution in India,  we are moving ahead with our plans of achieving INR 500 crore revenue over the next three years. To meet this target we are bringing some bigger OEMs on board and we are also focussing on large ESS applications for various other demands whether it’s B2B or B2C. We have already established excellent infrastructure for manufacturing and assembling of state-of-the-art lithium batteries and we are growing our capacity month-on-month. While our mega plant is equipped with complete lab equipment, we have hired the best of the manpower to produce best quality products. Creating a difference in the industry, we also keep on organising free of cost after sales service camps pan-India for the support and training of our dealers.”

He added that Ruchira Green Earth dealers also raise awareness about the benefits of lithium batteries for EVS and provide complete information on the proper handling of these batteries to EV buyers.  “Ruchira Green Earth has proven its capabilities by providing powerful, safe and durable EV batteries and we are going ahead with our plans to further gain even deeper penetration in the country’s EV market. As part of our strategy, we are also assisting our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) while educating the end consumers at the same time. We understand that if anyone is buying an EV he also needs to gain some knowledge on batteries, and this strategy is helping us in reaching out to a large clientele,” added Garg.

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To achieve its growth targets and to fulfil the high demand for Lithium batteries in India, the firm is also collaborating with some bigger OEMs. Ruchira Green Earth has a mega production plant spread over almost two acres in Yamuna Nagar. The company is producing EV batteries, and swappable batteries at this plant. The company has also developed energy storage batteries for home inverters. Ruchira Green Earth is all set for commercial launch of its home inverters soon.

Ruchira Green Earth has transformed EV batteries manufacturing with an exclusive portfolio of high range and high speed products. Expanding its product portfolio Ruchira Green Earth has come out with an exciting new range of eco-friendly Li-ion EV Batteries under its flagship brand ‘Akira’.

Available in a wide range of models in 2W and 3W power categories ‘Akira’ Li-ion EV Batteries are equipped with cutting edge latest technology and easy to install features. Ruchira Green Earth has stirred up interest about electric vehicles, a segment of auto sector that has already been abuzz with activity. The company has already established itself firmly in this segment and it has developed a team of engineers who are conducting “free service camps” in all the regions of the country to facilitate the customers.

Established in 2020, Ruchira Green Earth is focused on bringing cutting edge technology in lithium batteries and allied products for various applications in E – `Mobility, Telecom, Solar segments, ESS Etc. The company produces its batteries under the brand Akira batteries, one of the leading battery brands in India.

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