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Rare surgery helps childless couple become parents

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many of the childless couples lack proper knowledge

Infertility is a medical condition that is of growing concern nowadays. Every 1 out of 6 women is suffering from this issue worldwide. This is an issue that has been growing silently and is a concern as it can have physical, mental, psychological, financial and even spiritual impact on the patient per se, on the childless couple and as well their family. Often, a simple insight into the basic process of fertility can make a huge difference in the outcomes, as many of the childless couple lack proper knowledge regarding the fertility cycle, timed intercourse and strict compliance with treatment. A basic workup and a simple follicular study with timed intercourse can show positive results in many cases.

Reflecting such complications was 28-year old Lakshmi (name changed) who came to Kamineni Hospitals, Vijayawada, with severe abdominal pain. She was a case of primary infertility and was taking treatment for the same elsewhere. She was having irregular menstrual cycles and getting delayed periods every 2 to 3 months.

On evaluation, her blood tests were seen as normal. Ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis showed a large right para ovarian cyst of 10*8 cms, with all other factors being normal. On taking a detailed history, the hospital found out that she had not undergone any follicular study during the treatment period. At Kamineni Hospitals, she underwent laparoscopic cystectomy plus chromopertubation (Bilateral tubal patency testing in which both the tubes were patent) and the procedure was uneventful. The cyst was sent for histopathological examination and it was seen to be a simple serous cystadenoma. Lakshmi was counselled by Dr Sree Ramya who gave her the courage to go through the treatment process and find success post-surgery.

“Lakshmi followed up on her treatment status at our hospital post two months of her surgery. She conceived within no time after the procedure, without any medication. With a simple follicular study and timed intercourse, this was achieved, proving the importance of patient education and following basic protocols. We, at Kamineni Hospitals, have been providing infertility services with utmost care and compassion, adhering to the basics. That is the result of our high success rate. We wish her an amazing motherhood journey and a safe delivery. Of course, we will keep monitoring the baby’s development and the mother’s health during her follow-up visits in the coming months,” said Dr Sree Ramya, Senior Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist, Kamineni Hospitals, Vijayawada.

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Issues related to infertility should be something that needs to be handled with great caution and experience. Lakshmi’s case is a classic example where proper fertility treatments and good medical assistance can give faith to childless couple who struggle a lot in the path of recovery from infertility.

“Many childless couple who are fed up with other fertility centres and lost hope are happy with the treatment given here. The ladies have conceived and are doing well,” Dr Ramya added.

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