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All of us have heard the famous phrase “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” during our school days through a simple story of an old farmer who on his death bed taught the importance of Unity to his dis-united sons through a bundle of sticks. That story still occupies an important place in our society, rather gained popularity because discord, disunity, strife and warfare have assumed unprecedented proportions in the modern world.

Today, the most arduous challenges that faces humanity is to establish harmony amongst people of different religions.

There is no doubt that political and religious leaders have time and again endeavored to bring people on a common platform and find ways and means to forge better under­standing and acceptance of each faith, but inspire of their hard efforts, nothing much has really changed.

The greatest question of all at the present time is that, can the   diverse religions and faiths be ever united? If Yes, then how? If we walk down the history lane, then we would find that one of the important reasons why the need for religious harmony originated is that the most violent wars and conflicts in human history were based on religious intolerance and hatred. It might be a shocking statement, but it’s the harsh reality that religions which are supposed to make people more peaceful and loving have today become the biggest cause of discord and bloodshed in the world.

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It is  so appealing  to see organized groups across the globe which  sworn to spread terror in the name of God and carry out ethnic cleansing in the name of removing evil from the world. If we have a close look at the growth of each faith down the centuries, it reveals an interesting pattern.


Even though there are some common values and tenant in all the faiths, there are far too many misconceptions and conflicting beliefs that have continually fanned mistrust and hostility among the masses. Its quite imperative to know that at the time of inception, every religion had the power of purity, truth and unity. But as the prophets passed on and religions expanded in numbers and clout, their original power and purity also diminished and gradually there were cracks, factionalism, shallowness, delusion, deception and ritualistic-adherence sans spiritual significance. Hence, instead of empow­ering spiritual values, religions perpetrated dogmas, disciplines and barriers that segregate people on many lines. Most of them fall prey to the very evil traits they preach against like the lust for power, pleasures and money.

It is said that where there are two opinions, there cannot be a single unifying belief. There can be better understanding, tolerance and acceptance of each faith but there cannot be unity unless there is a single or common belief. So what‘s the best way to reach out to a common solution acceptable to all faiths?


According to divine knowledge imparted by Supreme Almighty, everything in the eternal cycle of the human world drama goes through a change, which means that everything degrades from a perfect state to an imperfect fragmented state, be it human souls, nature, religions, civilisations, almost everything passes through the pure, mixed and impure stages as the time cycle spins through golden age to iron age.

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 As on today, we are witnessing the most degraded stage of all aspects of human existence and religions are no exception to this process of change. Hence we can envisage a unified faith only in terms of the spirituality inherent in all faiths.

It’s a proven fact that the universal, spiritual and moral values form the essence of religious teachings and the common goal of every seeker. But the question is that when will humans realise these values and embody this spirituality? When will religion or dharma find its true expression in human beings?

Probably nobody would be able to answer these questions, for it is only One Almighty who has all the answer’s that are acceptable to all. Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of “Ram-rajya” for India, but today nobody has the answer as to when & who would bring the gift of Golden Age for humanity. Undoubtedly it is None but ONE who can create such a perfect world based on true dharma when everyone will be an embodiment of goodness, purity and divinity. Only HE has the authority, wisdom and power to create a world based on unified faith. It is said that God is Truth and true religion embodies that truth. Hence, when humans embrace that truth in their hearts will there be a unified world. So, let us all stand united with one unified faith to welcome the new world where truth, peace and harmony will prevail.

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Rajyogi Brahma Kumar Nikunj
Rajyogi Brahma Kumar Nikunj
A spiritual leader of Brahma Kumaris faith, Brahma Kumar Nikunj is a living example of simplicity, wisdom and devotion. Born in business family from Mumbai, Nikunj Ji was an Atheist. However, a chanced encounter with Rajyogini B.K.Didi Nalini Ji changed his life. Inspired by her thoughts & teachings, he decided to pursue spirituality. By virtue of sacrifice, penance, and godly services over the past 22 years he has been able to develop his inner self and enhance his spiritual knowledge. His Philosophy in Life is - “Spirituality cannot be taught, it has to be experienced”.


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