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Oye! an e-rickshaw platform that provides first/last-mile connectivity to commuters

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Almost 80% of urban India depends on public/shared/hailed transport. The bottom end of the commuters are the worst hit as they have to commute to earn their livelihood in ever-expanding cities.

Oye!, provides the cheapest ways to travel to the nearest public transport and back. The key value proposition is the focus on affordability and convenience so that everyone has access to efficient mobility.

“Besides the health and social impact, the pandemic had a crippling impact on the economy. Several industries will be looking forward to the upcoming budget for revival. One of the sectors that will need a lot of attention and support is mobility. Focusing on the mobility sector will help in reviving the overall economy as several of the impacted sectors will need a robust public commute system to bounce back in 2021.

India still lacks a comprehensive public transport system, though more than 70% of Indians rely on it for their daily commute. The section of society most hit due to the pandemic is those who are forced to step out for work. A comprehensive mobility solution will hugely enable Indians to become more productive. We expect strong support to build robust EV based first/last mile connectivity. This will not only further push the government’s EV agenda but also help in supplementing and complementing the growing public transport and Mass Rapid Transport systems in the country.

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Another area where we would like the budget to focus on is support for the EV industry transition to Li-ion batteries. This will help in making EVs more productive, cost-effective and environment friendly. An extension of that would be to promote battery swapping infrastructure. This will also help in faster adoption of EVs both by individuals as well as by fleets. We would like to see reduced import duties and GST on Li-ion batteries and battery-based services, as well as easy and low-interest loans for EV industry operators for setting up battery swapping stations and infrastructure.

Also, to promote EVs in the inner-parts of the country, we request the rising electricity demand to be met in tier 2 & 3 cities where power cuts are still a common phenomenon. The demand should be met using cleaner sources of energy. Charging infrastructure should be developed within the cities and on highways to encourage people to adopt EVs across the country. Considering the universal proliferation and acceptance of rickshaws in the Indian context, we believe the best route of quickly providing end-to-end first/last mile connectivity is through promoting e-rickshaws.

This will not only help give millions access to quick, convenient, and affordable commutes but also generate an eco-friendly commute. We would like to see a push for e-rickshaws through easy, interest-free loans as well as support for local manufacturing through tax incentives.”

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