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New children’s book series promotes the value of family

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growing with grace

Puissance Maison Publishing announces the nationwide release of “Growing With Grace: The Importance of Family Traditions” by Dr. Pullum. Inspired by Dr. Pullum’s experiences, this story of a young girl addresses situations that many families are currently facing, including major life changes and the loss of a loved one.

“Growing With Grace” is a six-book children’s series that follows the journey of Grace and her family. Grace is a typical child who loves her parents, grandparents, and best friends. Her life is no different from anyone else’s until the unthinkable happens. Now she must learn how to change, adapt and grow into her new reality.growing-with-grace-announcement

“In the story, Grace, along with her friends, explore their families and their cultures and discover the truth about what’s inside their hearts. ‘Growing with Grace’ is a fun read and incorporates fun activities for you and your little ones. This book definitely makes you feel good about family and family traditions,” a parent remarked.

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“Children and their loved ones truly connect with Grace’s own life, so the series and its themes prove relatable and thought-provoking,” according to Dr. Pullum. “Growing With Grace: The Importance of Family Traditions” is available in both English and Spanish. All sale proceeds will benefit the Center of Empowerment for Families & Youth’s H.O.P.E. Legacy Foundation to provide grief counseling to youth ages 17 and under. Best-selling author Dr. Pullum, proudly serves as the Board Chair for the Center.

Dr. Pullum is actively involved with numerous charitable organizations, including hip-hop legend MC Lyte’s Educate Our Men Scholarship Fund, and the Lady General Foundation. She is also a staunch advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Dr. Pullum has received awards and honors for her writing as well as recognition for her community activism from former President Barack Obama, members of Congress, state representatives, and others.

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