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Ingredients of a successful and peaceful life

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By A Kumar

Life is  a divine gift of God given to us to  transform ourselves in such a way that we always feel respect for ourselves  If we  transform our life in such a way that we live with harmony with nature, we may here enjoy a wonderful and amazing life. As improving  our quality of life will help to spread a message among  the people  a positive mindset emit positive energy . It makes you energetic, enthusiastic  and bubbling with joy. It can be possible only if we to love ourselves mean we  accept ourselves as we  are right now . You also learn to love the entire humanity.

As said , if you  love a country, you love one country, if you  love a community, you love a community, if you  love a family  you love one family . But if you  love yourself, you  love the entire humanity.

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If we know art of living, we will be in a better position to understand  the life.  As every new river is a new challenge for a swimmer, like that every person has their own art to live which they develop through their surrounding environment. However, some common thing  which we should adhere to have faith on god ,  to searchr truth through own wisdom, to love all.

Even after lots of debate  whether god exists or not, but we all acknowledge that a divine force is governing us. We all are one way or  other  are a part of entire cosmos. Therefore, even a small change anywhere may result into major positive and negative impact so a common thread exits between all.  Law of attraction propounds that whatever even we think is  recognized  by outside world and  we receive the same kind of vibration back. If our thought is positive, we receive positive reinforcement.  So even our thinking pattern has a major impact in our life. When this pattern gets distorted we require help of a qualified psycho-therapist.


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God has given each one of us an unique personality, talent which is unparallel. So we should try to discover our unique god gifted talent and make our career according to our natural talent.  We usually act as per the knowledge gained through our parents, our social surrounding , the books we read. We, e live a borrowed life based on the knowledge of other.  We usually accept  our old tradition. We do not do critical  and meaningful  exercise.

This is the most valuable gift of nature. We generally do not understand  and forget its value due to preoccupied with daily mundane work. If you love  your own life, you come to know that all things given by god is for our wellness. It also helps you that it is a common thread by which all human being including all living things are interconnected. It will help to harmonies with the  nature. This is what  which is called “ART OF LIVING”.

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