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Dr. Brett Greenky: innovations in joint replacement

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When medical companies have a big idea for advancing techniques and technology, Dr. Brett Greenky is the expert they rely upon.

Dr. Brett Greenky did not receive any royalties or economic incentives for patients to use the products that he consulted on. This ensures that Dr. Brett Greenky’s patients receive the best possible care without any conflicts of interest.

Dr. Brett Greenky, a joint replacement surgeon, has served as a consultant for a long list of medical organizations and equipment manufacturers. Dr. Brett Greenky and his brother, Seth, were part of the team that designed the ZUK system. The Zimmer Unicompartmental High Flex Knee (ZUK) system is a knee replacement implant that was invented to provide better natural movement for knee replacement patients. Dr. Brett Greenky also worked as a consultant for Arthrex to redesign partial knee replacement, assisting Arthrex in developing a better approach to partial knee replacement.

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​Dr. Brett Greenky also served as a consultant for Stelkast, a titanium manufacturer for total joint replacement implants.

Knee replacement implants can be approved by the FDA without studies if it is shown that the implant is similar to what the FDA has approved. To meet this standard, physician input is needed. Dr. Brett Greenky assisted in the above projects and more to help advance technology in the joint replacement field.

In addition to joint replacement technology, Dr. Brett Greenky developed a radiofrequency tag system to improve the efficiency and quality of care in operating rooms. With this system, radiofrequency tags are associated with patients and anesthesiologists. This makes it easier to properly track patients as they are moved through operating rooms.

“Serving as a consultant to medical manufacturers is fulfilling work,” Dr. Brett Greenky said. “It’s exciting to assist in pushing the boundaries of state-of-the-art medical technology. Ultimately, what makes this type of work so wonderful is that you’re empowering better outcomes for patients.”

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As Dr. Brett Greenky continues to empower companies to a breakthrough on new innovations, his ultimate goal as a consultant is the same as his goal as a doctor – helping people.

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