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Does God really help those who help themselves?

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Long ago there lived a teenage boy with his grandmother in the outskirts of a small village. His name was Nandan. He was very honest and hardworking. He used to go off to work every morning to earn a living. His grandmother would cook whatever food item he brought home every evening.

One day soon after he left for work, a fakir approached their home and asked for food. Nandan’s grandmother washed the fakir’s feet with water, fed him whatever she could manage and also gave him a blanket to cover himself. The fakir was impressed. He gave her a bag and said that it magical properties to help her in times of need.

That evening when Nandan came home his grandmother showed him the box. Almost doubtful about the bag’s magical properties Nandan asked her to keep it in some corner of the home.

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Time passed. Nandan and his grandmother almost forgot about the box, till one day Nandan was in a big need of money but couldn’t arrange it from anywhere. This is when his grandmother reminded him of the magic box.

Early next morning Nandan opened the top layer of the box. To his utter surprise, it was full of money to meet his immediate need. Nandan took out as much money he needed and asked his grandmother to put it away.

A few years later Nandan was again in need of money but did not know where to get it. Once again, his grandmother reminded him about the box. This time Nandan opened the bottom layer of the box and got the required amount. Nandan’s grandmother once again put the box safely in the house.

As luck would have it, Nandan was again in need of money a few years later. This time again, he opened another layer of the box and got the money.

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Moral of the story: God always helps those in need, but never expects them to stop trying.  


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