Model Tenancy Act – a game-changer

The Model Tenancy Act will help bridge the trust deficit between tenants and landlords by clearly delineating their obligations and will eventually help unlock vacant houses across the country.

How Pune will gain from Model Tenancy Act?

Pune holds the fourth spot in terms of vacant houses across the country – behind Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi.

Pune Real Estate – In Need of Intervention

Indian real estate sector has suffered due to COVID-19 pandemic. Pune is no exception. Pune also saw a complete halt in construction activity during the first pandemic lockdown period.

Peripheral areas overtake city centres in new housing

New developments in the peripheries reduce the stress on the choked city-centres, and they become increasingly viable with ongoing infrastructure projects such as Metros and ring roads which will boost their connectivity to the city centres.

What does Pune’s housing market need?

Pune’s housing market has remained remarkably strong despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Both demand and new supply were consistent from July 2020 to March 2021 after the State government imposed first wave restrictions.

Townships – redefining Indian housing

There are about 108 large integrated township projects across India. NCR, with its huge abundance of land parcels, is home to almost 40% of them. In Maharashtra, Pune has at least eight residential-only and larger integrated townships that are properly connected to the main cities.

PMRDA to power Pune’s real estate transformation

Recently, the Maharashtra state government appointed the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) as the special planning authority for the 23 villages which have been merged into the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

Environmental clearances behind overdue projects

More than 70% buildings that were to be completed in India by 2030 are yet to be built whereas in other countries like UK 80% of the buildings scheduled to be finished by 2050 are already complete.

Proposed hike in circle rates in NCR ill-timed

The proposal to surcharge on properties and raise circle rates in NCR by 40% along the Metro or expressway will have an adverse effect on the real estate market

Monetary policy – advantage affordable housing

The low-interest rate regime has become the new hallmark of the housing market - during the pandemic, and even before.

Green homes – the environmental need of the hour

Green infrastructure reaps not only economic and environmental benefits but also ecological ones. Each one of us can make a big difference

Redevelopment of Mumbai – the challenges ahead

There are three kind of regular redevelopment models - slum redevelopment, cluster redevelopment, and redevelopment of housing society.

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