Mumbai-Pune expressway – the new development lifeline

While Pune is expanding in many directions, the most critical direction is obviously towards Mumbai. The important task at hand now is to open up more and more areas along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway for good quality real estate developments. This process is underway and is constantly bringing the two cities closer together.

Housing.com announces tie-up with Gurugram-based Propdial

This tie-up will help Housing.com offer property management support to its clients looking for property management services ranging from renting/leasing to tenant background verification to the rental agreement and rent collection/bill payment.

PCMC- one of the best-planned real estate destinations in the country

PCMC needs no introduction. PCMC has seen significant real estate growth over the years, both in terms of demand and supply.

More women in India today wish to own their homes not just live in them

More Indian women are now determined to own their homes rather than just live in them. Women are the decision-makers. The final decision on a home purchase is taken by women for 80% of all purchases.

Higher v/s Lower Floors: which one should you prefer

So - should you choose a higher or lower floor in a high-rise apartment project? The answer to this question will change according to the city, exact location, nature of the project, and the capabilities of its builder.

Studio apartment: demand goes down for the 1st time in 7 years

Studio apartments have traditionally been favoured by bachelors, students, newly married couples beginning their homeownership journey with a 'starter' home, and business travellers who frequently visit a city for work.

Gurgaon real estate pricing trends

NCR has witnessed country’s highest unsold inventory figures at almost 1,70,000 units. Gurgaon’s contribution to this burden is only around 22,000 unsold units, but this is still uncomfortably high. Another source of worry is that almost 30% of this unsold inventory is under construction, and located in perfectly inhabitable sectors.

Bangalore has one of the highest demand for office and commercial space in the Asia Pacific region

Bangalore has helped India debut on the ‘City Momentum Index’ (CMI) Top 20 list – an annual survey carried out by Jones Lang LaSalle...

Affordable housing in Dubai – a mirage in the desert?

Affordable housing is a distant dream for the service class in Dubai having an average household income between 10,000-30,000 UAE. Given the cost of living, in this income, they can barely afford to pay a rent of Dh72,000 per annum and maybe buy a property worth Dh800,000. As a result, more and more people are moving away from the centre of the city and looking for affordable housing in the outskirts.

Why is Lonavala in big demand?

A comfortable driving distance from both Mumbai and Pune Lonavala is already in great demand. It is only a matter of time before Lonavala becomes an end-user driven residential market

Township Living – A New Way Of Life In Chennai

An integrated township project could comprise of residential plots, row houses, villas as well as low-rise and high rise apartments. However, it does not end with developing residential spaces. To attract home buyers to invest and live in these projects, it is imperative that physical and social infrastructure is also in place.

What lies ahead for the Pune property market

Pune is always growing and adding to its geographical spread, making it by far the largest and most vibrant real estate market in Maharashtra and beyond. Apart from these, there is a constant flow of investments coming in from other Maharashtrian cities like Nanded, Nasik, Sangli, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Jalgaon and Amravati. As a result, the Pune property market is extremely resistant to stagnation.

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