Why do bureaucrats prefer the Defence Secretary’s post?

Though anyone who reaches the level of Secretary to Government of India is said to have reached the top, those who occupy the Defence Secretary’s position are specially ‘blessed’ and have new doors opening for them. Anyone who adorns the post is sure to go places and do well later in life…

India’s quest for a main battle tank- a distant dream?

Almost 60-70 % of the army’s inventory is out-of-date and unserviceable due to lack of spares for repair, maintenance and overhaul. According to an internal audit - the Army has a critical shortage of artillery ammunition, tanks shells, fuses and spares for all types of weapons.

The Uncertain Boundaries of Conflict

A superpower is a country that can control or influence world opinion- in terms of economic, military, and technology and make other nations dance to its tune. In the last few decades China has silently and suddenly overtaken everyone from behind and boosted its economy, military and technology to the extent where it can dictate its terms in the UN and World affairs.

Border disputes – the Chinese game plan

China understands that mobilisation of large forces will not make any difference to their 15 trillion economies but will definitely impact the economy of other nations like India, Bhutan and Nepal. The PLA has over a period of time amassed huge military assets which are exhibited by them to intimidate other nations. Today China occupies more than 50 per cent of territories through forceful occupation which includes Inner Mongolia, Akshai Chin, Tibet, Xinjiang and Yunnan.

Boeing System could bring precision to laser weapons on US Navy Ships

Boeing experts have designed and developed a beam control system that could enable enhanced accuracy for laser weapons on U.S. Navy warships. With only the cost of diesel fuel, the laser system can fire repeatedly without expending valuable munitions or additional manpower. The end result is that rain, fog, or wind cannot stop Boeing's laser weapon from destroying targets.

Do not trouble the trouble so much that the trouble starts troubling you

It is high time, the Chinese Government reign in their expansionist tendencies and be a part of a World Economic and Social Order. The Chinese need to be reminded of a simple saying “Do not Trouble the Trouble until the Trouble Troubles you.”

Why is self-reliance in Defence Industry a distant dream in India?

India is probably the only large country in the world which is overwhelmingly dependent on external sources for its defence requirements. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), India ranks among the world’s second-largest weapons purchaser just behind Saudi Arabia.

Decoding the Dragon strike – 3

It must be clear that China needs India more than India needs China, particularly in the next decade or so. India’s youthful population and growth, indicate the accumulation of the world’s largest middle class and its economic trajectory. The challenge lies in managing China both in peace and war, which requires collaborative military, economic, informational, diplomatic, and political levers.

Torpedo- A weapon of choice for anti-submarine warfare

Royal Navy's frigate HMS Shah was the first naval vessel to fire a torpedo in anger during the battle of Pacocha but it took on more year before Intibah a Turkish steamer became the first vessel to be sunk by self-propelled torpedoes on 16 January 1878. A torpedo can be fired from a ship, submarine, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft - this makes it a smart, cost-effective and multiple use weapons of choice for the world navies.

Maj. Gen. Ian Cardozo – the Gurkha legend

The valiant Gurkhas may not think twice before sacrificing their life or shedding their blood on any battle-field. But at the same time, they are not prepared to do or die, or give their loyalty to any officer they come across. They are simple and straight forward but not stupid enough to be taken for a ride. This is one of the toughest challenge for any non-Gurkha officer to win over or earn their respect and to lead or command them in action.

Defence Acquisition: ‘lease V/s buy’ or ‘lease V/s do without’

Leasing of capital equipment is a common commercial practice that has been adapted for military purpose. According to a research study by Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, the decision is not ‘lease versus buy’ but ‘lease versus do without’. The question that should be asked is, “How critical is the requirement for national security?”

PM signals strategic re-calibration on LAC

It is high time to call the bluff off and communicate to Dragon in the only language that he understands. The real challenge lies in crafting face-saving exit for PLA, yet sticking to our red lines of restoration of status quo. PM has set the ball rolling.

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