Defence Budget 2021 – marginal increase, not sufficient to cover inflation

The Government has to decide the optimum allocation for defence, given the existing security scenario and competing demands of health, education and infrastructure segments

Taming the ‘Bull’ in China’s shop

It is rather risky to forecast the Dragon’s moves, especially when it has embarked on a very unpredictable course.

Defence budget 2021-22: #atmanirbhar (self reliance) to #atmanishedh (self denial)

A nation can only be strong if its defence against threats that challenge its national interest and sovereignty have the resilience to deter and defend.

Why is US Army unble to replace the M2 Bradley?

The M2 Bradley entered service in the U.S. Army in 1981 and were intended to transport up to seven soldiers into battle. Both M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle and M3 Bradley cavalry fighting vehicle are named after General Omar Bradley known for saying, "Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than about peace, more about killing than we know about living."

Cyber warrior: the way to the future

Today we have hidden enemies within us. The Cyber Warriors need to identify these hidden enemies, expose them and finally annihilate them. The Government needs to have a strict regulatory mechanism in place to guard against any anti-national propaganda or an attempt to incite passions on account of religion, caste or creed.

Why shouldn’t India recognize Tibet as an independent country?

Till 1951 Tibet was an independent country. India signed the Panchsheel agreement with Chinese at Beijing on 29 April 1954 hoping to peacefully solve all irritants between two neighbours in the spirit of Hindi-Chini-Bhai-Bhai. But ironically dug its own grave. Within six months the first Chinese incursion was reported in the Barahoti area of Uttar Pradesh in June 1954. This was followed by a hundreds of incursions which culminated in full-fledged war in October 1962.

Chinese intrusion in Nathula: its time for a lasting solution

On 20 Jan 2021, Chinese soldiers tried to change the ground situation in Nathula Pass in Sikkim. Reports which are now coming in confirm that the incident did happen.

‘Manekshaw and I were good friends’- Gen Jacob

Wars have their own logic. There is always one side that wins and another that loses the war. Everyone can’t win at the same time. Even in an individual context, no one can win all the wars; you may win some wars… but lose some others. Winning and losing is all part of life. This is the greatest lesson to be learnt from the life of Lt Gen (Retd) JFR Jacob. He won some but lost many battles in life.

Mashkoh: Kargil as I saw it

“MASHKOH: Kargil as I Saw it”, is a gripping first-hand authentic account of war stories of ‘Mashkoh Warriors’ by the author, who commanded the unit in war and was awarded Vir Chakra for his gallant actions in Mashkoh valley

Why is Nepal spoiling for trouble?

It is time Nepal and its communist PM Oli are taught a lesson by India which they will remember for years to come.

Why should India talk to China after Galwan?

It has been confirmed by the MEA and recent US Intelligence reports that more than 350 Chinese soldiers armed with iron rods and spiked bats were waiting to pounce on a small party of 50 unarmed Indians. It is a different story that the Indian soldiers despite their inferior numbers managed to overpower them and in the process killed 43 Chinese soldiers and injured 76 of them at the cost of 20 Indian soldiers including the CO 16 Bihar Col Babu. Still, we are talking to Chinese. why?

End of the road for battle-tanks?

If the Army Chief General MM Naravane is to be believed –large main battle tanks have a limited role to play in the changing character of the 20th-century warfare. The logic behind this supposedly is that slow-moving tanks are bulky, noisy, and outdated war machines - easy to target and shoot down. The noise, smoke and dust raised by a moving tank column can alert the enemy – miles away.

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