Arihant India’s First Nuclear Attack Submarine begins Sea Trials

India’s first nuclear attack submarine Arihant began Sea Trials on December 15th with naval personnel and defence scientists onboard showing both caution and confidence.

FDI in the defence – you can’t ignore the ground realities

FDI in armament technology and production of arms for exports cannot be an end in itself as every policy decision is required to be linked to the needs of the people.

Why is Pakistan dancing to China’s tunes?

China never gives anything free. Islamabad will have to return $21.8 billion of commercial loans and $7.75 billion taken as bilateral debt to Beijing by 2023. Pakistan needs to repay China more than double the amount it owes the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Considering the dismal state of Pakistan’s economy over the past several years it is doubtful if Pakistan can ever return the loans.

The inside story: Mashkoh– Kargil as I saw it # 2

The Pakistani Army carried out armed intrusions and occupied vacant posts overlooking the National Highway (NH) in Turtuk, Batalik, Kargil, and Dras sectors.

The inside story: Mashkoh– Kargil as I saw it # 3

The Indian army was surprised by the Pakistani intrusions as it never expected intrusions at such a large scale and that too along the heights dominating National Highway 1D.

The pathetic track record of defence manufacturing

Even after 15 to 20 years of manufacturing, it is disheartening to see a fair number of systems and components either on the import list or where indigenized giving an engineering life of about 50% or less.

The inside story: Mashkoh– Kargil as I saw it # 4

The Jats have a unique ability to achieve whatever task is allotted. There is a challenge, too – they require firm handling. It is not easy to command them.

India-China disengagement– temporary relief or lasting peace?

Does this disengagement mean an end to the hostile environment? Or is it just another edition of a long list of standoffs?

The inside story: Mashkoh– Kargil as I saw it # 5

In hindsight, if we had gone ahead with our operations as planned, probably the outcome would have been very different. We could have pre-empted Pakistan in their game plan. Lesson learnt = never trust your enemy

Importance of NLP in the armed forces

NLP is also a very important tool for performing the role of a mentor or a coach. It helps you move from a present state to the desired state by creating choices and options and then deciding on your future pace to kick start the process of self-improvement as well as become a facilitator to improve others.

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