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Types of Accounts in Accounting

Accounting is recording, classifying, and summarizing financial statements in a significant way. It helps interpret the results quickly and maintain them for a given time. Any entity requires a proper accounting system regardless of its type and size. It helps evaluate the business operations better and get a clear understanding of the financial condition of the business.

Common insurance problems faced by women

The number of insurance buyers in the country has slowly but surely increased over time, but the share of women buying insurance has not increased proportionately.

Singapore Airlines – free Singapore tour for transfer and transit passengers

Changi Airport Group (CAG), Singapore Airlines (SIA), and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) re-launched the Free Singapore Tour after a two-year hiatus

Honda Amaze celebrates glorious 10 years in India

Honda Cars India is commemorating the 10th anniversary of Honda Amaze its best-selling model and a market leader in its segment

Sudarshan Chemical Industries sells 5.76 acres land parcel in Pune

This land deal once again underscores Pune's importance as a preferred residential real estate destination.

Safety First: Advantages of Tempered Glass Tabletops

Tempered glass tabletops are a popular choice for dining tables, as they offer a beautiful and functional surface for sharing meals with family and friends.

Will hard cash disappear in India?

Sweden is already a cashless society. A merchant can refuse to accept cash. Banks too don't handle cash. Denmark too plans to get rid of paper money by 2030.

6 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The marketplace is crowded with brands grappling with digital marketing strategies to attract consumers. It’s all a gamble that can make or break a brand

Health Insurance Vision 2030 – Quality & Affordable Health For All

The Objective of the national summit is to develop innovative patient-centric health insurance schemes to avoid fraud and mis-selling of insurance products

Ecom Express Limited launches 3 new services for faster deliveries

Ecom Express Limited, a leading logistics solutions provider, announced three new services, to cater to the growing demands of e-commerce players in India.

Madras HC grants injunction against Google in Matrimony case

Matrimony.com filed a case in Madras High Court against Google which is charging 11-26% service fees through its new users’ choice /alternate billing system

Motorola is now India’s Best 5G smartphone brand

Motorola has emerged as India’s best 5G smartphone brand according to a survey report published by Techarc. Motorola is known for innovation and reliability
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