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Why fast charging won’t shorten the life of smartphone battery

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Why fast charging won't shorten the life of smartphone battery

Fast charging has become a feature that we all depend on these days when it comes to keeping our smartphones, laptops, or tablets charged up all day long. However, there has always been a debate among people about whether fast charging is safe for the battery or not. Many believe that fast charging can shorten the life of a battery, but in this article, we’re going to bust that myth. Here are six reasons why fast charging won’t shorten the life of a battery.

6 Reasons Why Fast Charging Won’t Shorten the Life of a Battery

Batteries are designed to handle fast-charging

With the advancement in technology, batteries have evolved to handle fast charging. Manufacturers design batteries with this feature in mind so that they won’t harm your device in any way. Modern batteries can absorb more charge than their predecessors, and the circuits inside can handle the extra power. The charging technology is getting more sophisticated, so it minimizes the risk of any damage to the battery.

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Temperature is regulated

Modern smartphones have a temperature sensor, which measures the temperature of the device. The fast charging system regulates the temperature to avoid any damage. There are many built-in safety measures to ensure the temperature doesn’t exceed a certain limit. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the system slows down the charging to cool down the device.

Improved voltage control

Modern-day charging units optimize the voltage required to charge the device by monitoring the charging status. They can alter the voltage supply to ensure that it never goes too low or too high. This feature also helps prevent any accidental overcharging that might shorten the battery’s life.

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Battery Health Monitoring

Many devices come with a feature that monitors the health of the battery. It can analyze the charging cycles that help to keep the battery healthy. As the device charges with fast charging, it is tracked by the battery monitoring feature, which helps to maintain the health of the battery.

Fast charging is efficient

Fast charging is more efficient than other charging methods. It delivers more power in less time, so the device spends less time charging. Less time spent charging translates to less time the battery is under stress, thereby prolonging the battery’s life.

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High-Quality chargers

Although fast charging is safe for the battery, it is essential to use high-quality chargers to charge your devices. Cheap or low-quality chargers might not be able to regulate the amount of power flowing into the device, which can lead to battery damage. Therefore, it is essential to opt for good quality fast chargers that are compatible with your devices. Just like the Honor X9b, although it supports a maximum of 35W Honor wired super fast charging.


Fast charging has revolutionized the way we charge our devices. It has made the charging process quick and efficient, crucial for today’s fast-paced life. After going through the reasons mentioned, we can conclude that fast charging doesn’t shorten the life of a battery. With built-in safety features, temperature regulation, and other advancements, manufacturers have made sure that fast charging is safe for the battery. However, to be on the safe side, make sure to use high-quality chargers compatible with your devices. The HONOR black friday 2023 is here, you can get any accessories of Honor, just move up! Too good to wait!

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