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What are battle tanks called in different languages?

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What are battle tanks called in different languages?

Battle tanks, also known as armoured tanks, are called by various names in different languages. Here are some examples:

  1. English: Tank
  2. Russian: Танк (Tank)
  3. German: Panzer
  4. French: Char d’assaut
  5. Spanish: Tanque
  6. Italian: Carro armato
  7. Chinese (Mandarin): 坦克 (Tǎnkè)
  8. Japanese: 戦車 (Sensha)
  9. Arabic: دبابة (Dababah)
  10. Hebrew: טנק (Tank)
  11. Hindi: टैंक (Ṭaiṅka)
  12. Korean: 전차 (Jeoncha)
  13. Turkish: Tank
  14. Polish: Czołg
  15. Swedish: Stridsvagn
  16. Finnish: Panssarivaunu
  17. Dutch: Tank
  18. Portuguese: Tanque de guerra
  19. Hungarian: Harckocsi
  20. Greek: Θωρακισμένο όχημα (Thorakisméno óchima)

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These are just a few examples, and there may be variations in different dialects and regional languages. The word “tank” is commonly used in many languages due to its historical origin, stemming from the British development of the first tanks during World War I.

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