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Travelling with pets: preparing for a Yas Island getaway

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Travelling with pets: preparing for a stress-free Yas Island getaway

Travelling with your fur babies can be both exciting and challenging. It requires careful planning and consideration to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your pets. Yas Island, with its pet-friendly attractions and accommodations, is a fantastic destination for those looking to take a vacation with their four-legged companions.

Pre-Travel Preparations

A. Health and Vaccination Requirements

Before embarking on your Yas Island adventure, it is essential to ensure your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations and in good health. Consult your veterinarian for specific requirements and recommendations based on your pet’s breed, age, and overall health condition. Additionally, research any travel restrictions and quarantine requirements for pets entering the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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B. Travel Documents and Identification

Secure necessary travel documents for your pets, including a valid pet passport, health certificate, and vaccination records. Ensure that your pets have proper identification, such as a microchip, and consider attaching a tag with your contact information to their collars.

C. Crate and Carrier Training

To make the journey more comfortable for your pets, acclimate them to their travel crate or carrier well in advance. Practice positive reinforcement techniques and gradually increase the time your pets spend in their carriers to help them feel safe and secure.

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Planning Your Itinerary

A. Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Research and book pet-friendly accommodations on Yas Island, such as hotels or vacation rentals, that cater to the specific needs of your fur babies. Inquire about any pet policies, fees, and restrictions to ensure a smooth check-in process.

B. Dog Parks and Walking Trails

Include visits to dog-friendly parks and walking trails in your itinerary to keep your pets active and engaged. Yas Gateway Park, for example, offers expansive green spaces for your pets to explore and play.

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C. Pet-Friendly Attractions and Activities

Plan to visit pet-friendly attractions, such as Yas Beach, where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and water with your fur babies. Alternatively, consider engaging in animal-assisted activities like horseback riding or bird-watching for a unique bonding experience with your pets.

Packing Essentials

A. Food and Treats

Pack enough treats and food for your pets to last the duration of your trip, as well as some extra in case of delays. Be sure to pack any special dietary items or supplements your pets may require.

B. Medications and First Aid

Bring any medications your pets may need, along with a pet-specific first aid kit. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of common pet ailments and the nearest veterinary clinics on Yas Island.

C. Travel Gear and Comfort Items

Pack necessary travel gear, such as leashes, harnesses, collapsible bowls, and waste bags. Don’t forget to bring comfort items like your pets’ favourite toys or blankets to help them feel more at ease during the trip.

Transportation Options

A. Flying with Pets

If flying to the UAE, familiarize yourself with airline pet policies and fees. Make sure to book a pet-friendly flight and adhere to the airline’s requirements for crate dimensions and weight limits.

B. Renting a Car for Expats

Renting a car is a convenient option for expats visiting Yas Island, allowing you to explore the area at your own pace while providing a comfortable environment for your pets. Several car rental companies, such as Thrifty Car Rentals, operate in the UAE and offer a range of vehicles to suit your needs. When renting a car, ensure that you:

  • Have a valid driver’s license from your home country or an International Driving Permit.
  • Are aware of the minimum age requirement for renting a car, typically 21 or 25 years old, depending on the rental company.
  • Verify if there are any additional fees or charges, such as a young driver surcharge or insurance costs.

C. Pet-Friendly Car Rental Tips

When renting a car for your Yas Island getaway, keep the following tips in mind to ensure a comfortable and safe journey for your pets:

  • Choose an appropriate vehicle size, considering the number of passengers, pets, and luggage. Opt for a car with ample space and a well-ventilated interior.
  • Inquire about any pet policies or fees associated with the car rental. Some companies may require a pet deposit or charge a cleaning fee.
  • Bring a pet car seat, harness, or barrier to secure your pets during the drive. This will help prevent distractions and ensure their safety.
  • Plan for regular breaks during your journey to allow your pets to stretch their legs, use the bathroom, and stay hydrated.

Enjoying Your Time on Yas Island

A. Dining with Your Pets

Explore pet-friendly dining options on Yas Island, such as outdoor cafes or restaurants with designated pet areas. Keep your pets leashed and well-behaved during meal times to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

B. Respect Local Customs and Regulations

Be mindful of local customs and regulations when travelling with your pets in the UAE. Always pick up after your pets and respect leash laws. Additionally, be aware of cultural sensitivities regarding dogs in public spaces and interactions with local residents.

C. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Familiarize yourself with the location of nearby veterinary clinics and emergency pet services on Yas Island. Keep a list of emergency contact numbers, including your veterinarian and the local embassy or consulate, in case of any unforeseen issues.


Travelling with your fur babies to Yas Island can be a memorable and enjoyable experience with careful planning and preparation. By following this guide, you can ensure a stress-free and unforgettable vacation for you and your beloved pets. So, pack your bags, book your pet-friendly accommodations, and embark on a fantastic adventure to Yas Island with your furry companions by your side.

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