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The world’s safest, anti-theft and bulletproof backpack

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By Dateline India Syndicate

Travel is a great experience, and while it’s fun to interact with locals and immerse yourself in a different culture, it’s important to remember the less-awesome aspects of traveling namely: pickpockets. How can you avoid them? The point is to make your bag impenetrable and SB Backpack will help you to resolve the problem. With its unique covered hidden zippers design and bulletproof protection, you and your valuable items will always be protected.

For daily basis or holidays, travel in style with all of your essentials in place by using this Waterproof Anti-Theft and Bulletproof Backpack. This backpack comes with a sleek design that holds all your things in an organised way.

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Apart from having separate compartments for your laptop, notebooks and other daily work essentials, the backpack is also waterproof. Additionally, it also includes a charging port at the bottom to power your mobile gadgets on the go. As a matter of fact, there’s also a compartment at the back to keep your very important items. This could be your wallet or personal information cards. That way, you can keep your things safe on the go. Available in grey or light pink colour combinations, the backpack will be a great solution for your everyday travel.

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