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The devil’s workshop to poison the minds of Indian Muslims

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The devil's workshop to poison the minds of Indian Muslims

“I am an Indian first, and then a Muslim.” – Abdul Kalam, former President of India

Anti-national pseudo-secularist elements have always striven hard to brainwash the Indian Muslims and make them live perpetually under the myth of ‘victimhood’ and ‘threat to their right of respectful existence and communal identity vis-à-vis the majority community’. Through this, they have been instigating them against the Hindus as well as the Indian State.

To keep the Muslims perpetually agitated, they have created a bevvy of phobias including Hindutva, Hindu Rashtra and majoritarianism. In this process, they built up false narratives of ‘Dara hua Musalman’ (frightened Muslim) and ‘Ghareeb Musalman’ (impoverished Muslim) also to paint the Hindus as aggressors as well as exploiters. On the other hand, certain political parties chose the path of appeasement. The former sought to keep the Muslims under control by making them feel cornered and frightened; the latter by holding out lollipops for them.

More often than not, political parties and Muslim religious leaders have a symbiotic and mutually beneficial existence—the political parties pampered Muslim religious leaders; the religious leaders, in turn, made appeals to vote for them. That is how the communal identity of some Muslims survived and thrived at the cost of their national identity.

The Karnataka hijab row was actually a ballon d’essai (a project or policy put forward experimentally to gauge reactions to it). Through it, the Muslim Right actually wanted to probe how much it could pressurize the system into accepting their unreasonable demands. In the end, the misadventure was reduced to an amateurish attempt to once again assert their ‘separate’ religious identity—essentially a reflection of the desire to keep away from integration into mainstream society.

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If today they insisted on hijab inside the school or college, theoretically nothing prevents them tomorrow from asking for offering namaz inside the school or college. In a gradual progression, they could first demand permission to offer namaz; then an earmarked space for namaz; and finally withhold the classes while they offer namaz so that they are not discriminated against and handicapped because of that. They could also demand holidays on Fridays instead of Sundays, or holidays during the month of Ramzan so that those observing roza are not inconvenienced and demand a month of the regular summer holidays to be curtailed for that, and so on.

Even if, in future, a larger bench of the Supreme Court were to reverse the Karnataka High Court judgment by the majority, it does not change the fact that the Left-Liberal-Muslim Right had cabal tried every trick of the trade to communalize the issue and project it as a case of the Hindu majority and the BJP-ruled state ganging up to deny the minority the right to practice their religion. That is the real thrust of the entire episode.

The hold of Muslim Rights on Muslim society is also evident from their reactions to the Gujarat bomb blast case judgment. The Court said, “The convicts created unrest in a peaceful society and carried out anti-national activities while living here. They have no respect for the Constitutionally-elected government at the Centre and in Gujarat, and a few believe only in Allah and not in the government or the judiciary…There is no need for the government to keep the convicts in jail, especially those who said they believed only in their God and none other.”

The devil's workshop to poison the minds of Indian Muslims

Did basic human courtesy not demand that the Muslims of the country should have joined with the Hindus in celebrating a judgment that restored their faith in the might of the State and assured the people that crimes against the State, society and humanity shall not go unpunished? Why did they fail in it? Did they not have even a modicum of sympathy for the families of the 56 killed and over 200 injured? To promote communal harmony and earn the goodwill of the Hindus, they should have actually welcomed the judgment and taken the opportunity to denounce terrorism. Those who failed thus betrayed their collective subconscious by this.

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The protests against the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) were not spontaneous. They were ‘organized’ centrally and carefully to test the union government. It was falsely claimed that the CAA raised the spectre of the systematic disenfranchisement of Muslims. The government had never even remotely hinted that over 25 crore Muslims in the country would be required to produce any document of their citizenship. Yet, the cabal coined a new slogan ‘Kaagaz nahin dikhayenge’ (we will not show documents) that resonated across every corner populated by Muslims—it also became a famous hashtag on Twitter. The whole anti-CAA protest was as vicious, as deadly and as huge a conspiracy as one could imagine, designed to stoke some of the most deep-rooted fears of the Muslims and instigate them against the State. Post-independence, it was hitherto the evilest design against the nation by the Left-Liberal-Muslim Right cabal

The tactics and duplicity

Their main tactics are to maintain a certain level of hostility to the Hindu point of view and generally all things Hindu; being unreasonable, obstinate and overly demanding in relation to any dispute with Hindus; throwing their religion in our faces (demanding special treatment to them) when it suits them, and throwing the Constitution in our faces (demanding equal treatment to all) when it does not suit them. These are all parts of the Boiling Frog script towards their conspiracy. At the slightest pushback from others, whipping out the victim card has been raised to the level of fine art! 

In one of their most despicable deeds, they have been, for the past seven decades, trying to justify the stance and activities of the Muslim Right and provide intellectual, over-ground support to them by projecting an exaggerated and distorted image of every issue through the lens of majoritarian aggression versus ‘imperilled minority’ narrative.

Their tongues and pens are, however, paralyzed when it comes to condemning the hate-fired brutality of Muslims. This was very much evident in the wake of the June 2022 horrific beheading of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur also by two Muslim men—they condemned the murder but not the fact that they had done it in the name of religion and proclaimed so proudly in two videos posted on social media!

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They preside over a proper riot industry in India. At the top, we have the political parties that depend on the Muslim vote bank. The second level is that of the journalists and activists of the Left-Liberal cabal who propagate the inflammatory narrative through their media and social media. At the third level, there are the criminals, radicalized youth etc. for the actual rioting. In principle, this general scheme applies to all disruptive activities in the country in which the cabal plays a role.

Most of the time they seek to express their anti-Hindu, anti-Bharat agenda through their vile fulminations against the Modi-BJP government. They compulsively criticize whatever the government does—with the import being that the country in general and the Muslims, in particular, are doomed under Modi-BJP and for which India must be ostracized in international forums. They project every small thing in India as a matter of State-sponsored persecution of Muslims; majoritarianism; and human rights violations. They have a problem with Hindus and Hinduism but, to avoid criticizing them directly for fear of legal action, they choose to criticize the government, which they accuse of siding with the Hindus.

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Dr N C Asthana IPS (Retd)
Dr N C Asthana IPS (Retd)
Dr. N. C. Asthana, IPS (Retd) is a former DGP of Kerala and ADG BSF/CRPF. Of the 51 books that he has authored, 20 are on terrorism, counter-terrorism, defense, strategic studies, military science, and internal security, etc. They have been reviewed at very high levels in the world and are regularly cited for authority in the research works at some of the most prestigious professional institutions of the world such as the US Army Command & General Staff College and Frunze Military Academy, Russia. The views expressed are his own.


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