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Student of KL University develops Cyber Security App

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D. Rahul Shashank, a final year student of KL Deemed-to-be University has created Cyber Security app that offers features like e-complaint filing, cyber internships, Cyber Consultation etc. The Cyber Alert app is also the very first cyber security app to be available in English, and Telugu. This unique app is simple, convenient and absolutely crucial to ensure one’s digital security today. India, and the world at large, has witnessed a surge in the cases of cyber-attacks and internet-borne threats since the onset of the pandemic. As 2021 created a largely digital workforce and learners, the scope for these attacks also increased manifold.

According to the recent Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) report, India recorded 8.30 crore cyber threats in the second quarter of 2021, a staggering 80% increase from 1.67 crore threats detected in the same quarter last year. As cyber frauds and threats to cybersecurity increase, there is a need for a comprehensive source of information on the crime and the measures to take to safeguard from such crimes. D. Rahul Shashank, a final year student at College of Law, KL Deemed-to-be University, pursuing his bachelor’s degree in BBA, LLB recognized this need and developed Cyber Alert to assist users in every step of their journey in safeguarding their digital identity. 

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The app alerts the users before they fall victim to them. A perfect amalgamation of information, guidance and solution, the Cyber Alert app boasts several features that provide the user, a crystal-clear understanding of cybercrime and ways to tackle it. Some of these features include:

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1.       Cyber Complaint Filing – A user can file a cyber complaint through the E-Filing link which is provided with the disclaimers in the application.

2.       Cyber Complaint Tracker / Status – One can check the status of a case that has been filed through the application.

3.       Cyber Materials – Study material on cyber security & cyber laws, I.T Act 2000 & I.T Act 2008, cyber forms and latest cyber security news etc. will be available on the app for the users.

4.       Cyber Police Stations – A list of the cyber police stations will be available on the app to help users find the nearest cyber police stations by Enabling the GPS / location.

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5.       Cyber Internships – The best opportunity for internships & workshops in cyber security can be explored on the app.

6.       Cyber Legal Aid – Cyber Legal Aid is divided into two sub-modules namely Cyber Expert consultancy and Cyber Volunteers.

The team of entrepreneurs also include Founder & CEO, D. Rahul Shashank, (student of BBA LLB, 2017-22), Co-Founder, Dr K.I Pavan Kumar, (HoD, Department of Law, KL College of Law), Chief Technical Officer, Vinay Are, (KL Alumni, 2012-16) Chairman & M.D – R. Sai Ashish Yashwanth, (student of BBA 2019-22), General Manager, D. Tirumala Tarun (student of B. Tech EEE, 2018-22). The young entrepreneurs also enjoy the strong support of prominent industry experts and thought leaders as the app’s advisory board, carefully curated by KL University’s mentors. The advisory board consists of Pavan Duggal, a renowned Indian Lawyer, among others. The app is now available for download on the google play store.

Often, unauthorized access to your private information goes undetected by the common users. The increased number of cyber-attacks during the pandemic propelled us to launch the app. The University was quite confident in this venture and supported our journey throughout. We are grateful for the mentorship and guidance provided by the faculty”, said D. Rahul Shashank, Founder & CEO, Cyber Alert.

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Congratulating the student’s bold venture, Dr G. Pardha Saradhi Varma, Vice-Chancellor, KL Deemed-to-be University, said “We are proud to witness our students undertaking entrepreneurial and leadership roles. According to industry reports, India was placed at 37th place worldwide with respect to most dangers associated with surfing the web. This app is a welcome safety measure to the now widely digital India. At KL Deemed-to-be University, we nurture the creative rollercoaster minds of our young talent to sculpt them as global leaders of tomorrow. This Cyber Alert app will surely be an inspiration to many other students who are hesitant to pursue their ideas”.

Prof N. Rangaiah, Principal, KL College of Law said that the technological interface helps in the effective enforcement of law and bring about legal awareness among the commons.  

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